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DIY Jessner Peel

I am confident I can do this. I follow instructions well and understand that good results are achieved with multiple, lesser peels. So, I'll take it easy. My target is brown spots on my arm. Two IPL treatments haven't taken care of them and peels seem more economical. Jessner's Peel has been around for what? A hundred years? Everything generally knowable about this peel is already... READ MORE

Very Worthwhile For Angiomas, Broken Capillaries, Etc. - Los Alamitos, CA

I get this specifically to treat red spots - angiomas, broken capillaries, etc. The charge is by the number of laser pulses. 50 pulses is $175. If you get more pulses it will be less expensive per pulse. You will have your eyes covered for this laser procedure. No painkiller is used. It hurts worse than IPL, much less that Fraxel. But the treatment is limited to the number of pulses... READ MORE

Usefullness Depends on What You're Getting Treated - Seal Beach, CA

I've had this twice on my lower arms, once on my upper arms, twice on my face, once on my chest. I'm 42, Fitzpatrick type II , however, I never tan. I have some age spots, freckling, but not as much as many individuals my age because I wear sunscreen. On my arms, I got this primarily for brown spots. On my face, I hoped it would fix broken capillaries around my nose. My... READ MORE

Great Bang for the Buck - Seal Beach, CA

When I go in for fraxel, I go in for a portion of my face. $150 is the cost for treating a cheek from my smile line to my outer cheekbone and my cheekbone down to my jaw. I have had my cheeks treated 3 times each. I've had 150$ worth of my forehead, including between my eyes, once. And a $150 area of my arm, once. The fraxel laser Aesthetic Laser Care (ALC) uses is not Dual, but similar... READ MORE

Recent comments from CarrieL

Thank you so much for posting. I'm 43 and have been very curious about what women in they're 60's and 70's are doing. I will look for other reviews by you. READ COMMENT

It's definitely not paint thinner. :) or battery acid. :) I'm not worried. This is what my highly pessimistic lawyer told me. It's rather good news. is very unlikely to create a product liability issue by adding a... READ COMMENT

Wow. You look great. I think your "long" review was very helpful. READ COMMENT