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I Need a Dynamtic Change in my Face? I Hate the Way I Look. Can You Tell Me Exactly What Needs to Be Done? (photo)

I think my eyes are sleepy and tired by nature.. my nose is too big and curvy... my lips are thin.. my mouth is small.. and i've got fat face.. Please list the medical names... READ MORE

I Would Like to Have a Bigger Mouth, Which Surgery Would Give Me That? (photo)

I dont know if its only the lips that could get bigger, and thus its a bigger mouth. Or the actual size of the mouth can get bigger. Nevertheless, I want a wider mouth with... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of my Tired Looking Eyes and Have Sexy Eyes? (photo)

Although Im in my mid-20s, I always look tired because my eyes are sleepy looking.. I wanna have sexy and alive eyes.. Whats the name of the surgery? READ MORE

What Facial Surgeries Will Give Me a Lean and Slim Face? (photo)

I've lost weight, and I still have relatevily chubby face.. I hate it. I want to have a slim looking face... no big cheeks, big chin or skin below my eyes.. Please note: I saw... READ MORE

Eyelid or Forehead Lift Which Method is More Effective for Better Eyes Look? (photo)

I bviously need some work on my eyes... They both look effective.. but which one is more ? READ MORE

What is the Best Procure to Get Rid of Facial Fat Completely ? (photo)

Ive seen facial liposuction before and after, this isnt what I want. I want something more leaner. Are adding cheek implements help ? READ MORE

Will Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Tone Me? (photo)

I am around %24 body fat percentage. I have some extra fat and skin all over my body, nothing extreme tho. For the next 12 months, I am going to intensive bulk up, which means... READ MORE

When is the Right Time to Have Liposuction and Tummy Tuck? Please Read Carefully.

I am now at %24 body fat percentage, and planning to bulk up for a year. Ive got some extra skin around all my body and , obviously, some fat. My goal is to reach %8 fat bp,... READ MORE

What's the Cost of Laser Facial Liposuction and Buccal Removal?

My doctor gave me 5000$ including 750$ for anastesia and another 750$ for room operation, and I thought that was a bit too much. I live in OHIO READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Cheek Implants and Fat Transfer?

My doctor said that he recommend that I should have fat transfer to my cheeks instead of cheek implants. But what are the pros and cons of each ? which one is better? READ MORE

Can Fat Get Stored Again in the Liposuctioned Areas?

Say i had a liposuction my tummy and then , after a year, i gained fat. Will it get stored around my tummy ? or its gone forever? READ MORE

How to Determine a Good Plastic Surgeon from a Bad One ?

In addition to years of experience, whats there to evaluate a doctor ? READ MORE

Realistically Speaking, What Should I Expect from an Upper Body Liposuction and Tummy Tuck?

I've gone through before and after images but the results seem to be different on each pic. I am 27 years old male with almost %30 fat percentage. I've been building muscles... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Losing Weight Through Diet and Execrises and Losing It Through Liposuction?

Say two persons, one has lost his weight in the traditional way and second lost it via liposuction? Visually speaking, how would person A be different than person B in his... READ MORE

What's the an upper body lift and how much does it cost?

Does it remove the extra skin from chest, stomach, and back ? So it's like an upper body tummy tuck READ MORE

How to get face definition? (photo)

I've always wonder how. It's been a puzzle to me for a while. Is it through losing all the fat? Is it through having high cheekbones? Is it through cheek implants? So they can... READ MORE

I bleached my teeth according to my dentist instructions yet my teeth color has not whiten that much. Is this normal?

My dentist gave me a customized tray and a gel to breach for half hour daily for two weeks. The yellowness of my teeth has deceased a bit but no where close to be considered... READ MORE

I had a Lap-Band weight loss surgery but haven't lost much weight? What should I do?

I had it done in 2005, then revised( insurance paid) in 2012. I havent lost much weight, only 11 kilos (22 pounds) I have tried everything to lose weight with it, but nothing... READ MORE

How much does Gastric Bypass surgery cost in OHIO and surrounding areas?

I live between Cleveland Clinic Hospital and UPMC university hospital in Pittsburgh. READ MORE

What is the best concentration gel for bleaching?

I used some for half hour for two weeks. There's some improvement. But still no where where my whiting needs to be. How long should I breach and how frequent in order to get... READ MORE

I used 35 % carbamide peroxide gel for half hour every day for two weeks. My teeth have stopped whitening. What is wrong?

I used 35 % carbamide peroxide gel for half hour every day for two weeks. My teeth are nowhere as white as they should. I spoke with my dentist but no good advice was given. I... READ MORE

Do I need to see a doctor for Kor Deep bleaching? Can't I just buy the products and use them at home instead?

Can't I just buy the products and do use them at home instead ? I do have customized trays already. So.. How much does Kor Deep bleaching cost ? with or without a doctor....... READ MORE

Am I candidate for Gastric Bypass surgery ?

My BMI is 30 . I know insurance requires at least 35 but I am wondering if I can just pay it out of pocket. READ MORE

This just doesn't make sense. Can someone please explain it to me?

From my understanding, a whole bodylift is a surgery that removes all the excessive extra skin around the body and that includes a tummy tuck. If this is correct, I see the... READ MORE

How much does a body lift cost?

Note I'm referring to the removal of the excessive skin ALL over the body. This includes chest and arms. Thank you READ MORE

When is the right time to get a Tummy tuck ? Please read carefully

I am now at %24 body fat percentage, and planning to bulk up for a year. Ive got some extra skin around all my body and , obviously, some fat. My goal is to reach %8 fat bp,... READ MORE

Sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass surgery?

My biggest concern is that after minimizing my stomach size, I won't be able to build muscles, since I need to consume at least 4000 calories. Which surgery will allow me to... READ MORE

What to expect post Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery?

Will it be possible to build muscles. considering that I will need to eat 4 calories ? READ MORE

Can I build muscles after having gastric sleeve surgery?

I used to build muscles before, but I needed to eat around 300 calories a day including tons of protein shakes. How will it be possible to consume that much of food if my... READ MORE

What do you call this surgery? Making eyes look horizontal.

So basically I want my rounded eyes to look horizontal. So the skin on the sides of the forehead ( I assume) will need to be pulled to the side a little. What do you call this... READ MORE