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You are correct, my years were off! As you can see from my BELATED reply, I am time challenged. I had it within months of approval by a trial doctor who, in hindsight, possibly did not have the time to do my entire legs or just didn't... READ COMMENT

I had it done twice because my results were so good (not perfect but good enough) that you could literally see a line where the first doctor stopped! I would say go for it. READ COMMENT

I had Cellulaze in June 2009 & I literally saw noticeable results (exactly to the week) 6 months later in December 2009. Hang in there and be glad you did it in September! You should be set for a spring break. My results were great... READ COMMENT

Derma rolling helps thicken skin and for the price, cannot be beat! READ COMMENT

Wondering how your recovery is going? 2 months was when my legs were touchable again, noticable results at 3 months. I am going to have my bum done by Dr. B in time for summer & was wondering if you noticed a difference in recovery... READ COMMENT