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Not As Painful As I Thought - Portland, OR

I am 44 years old and my skin is firm, I don't have a lot of wrinkles, but I started seeing a slight sagging in my jowl area which comes with age. I believe an ounce pf prevention is better than a pound of cure and after researching Ulthera and discovering that it stimulates deep collagen... READ MORE

Improvement in Stretchmarks from Dermarolling

I used a 1 mm dermaroller on my face, at home, to increase the penetration of retin A and vitamin C. I had some nice results. I then decided to buy a dermapen device which does not cause tearing in the skin, for stretchmarks on my breasts. I have used a 2mm single needle three times so far... READ MORE

Questions from nwmouse

Labiaplasty: OBGYN or Plastic Surgeon?

I want to have a labiaplasty to reduce the size of the labia minora using the trim method (laser), not the wedge. I have found an OB-GYN who has trained with two of the expert... READ MORE

Question about under-eye peel when a lower bleph is not needed.

47 yrs old, have no under eye bags just a little crepe-ness, and although I do have botox in crows feet I'd like to improve the texture on my lower lids. I will not consider... READ MORE

What is an "endoscopic composite" Facelift?

I read online that: "The problem is that the public knows nothing about the ability of the endoscopic composite facelift to correct unnatural-looking results because 99 percent... READ MORE

Antibiotics after facelift?

Why don't doctors prophylactically prescribe a broad spectrum antibiotic like Keflex to all facelift patients to prevent infection in the incision areas? I've been reading... READ MORE

Do Arnica and Bromelain REALLY help with swelling or is it just hogwash?

Many of the women on the facelift forums say they took Arnica and Bromelain prior to their facelift to help with swelling. Others say their doctors told them that was nonsense... READ MORE

Do you recommend your patients to take Emend anti-nausea medication on the morning of facelift surgery?

I have usually been prescribed Zofran for after surgery nausea but some members of the facelift forum advise taking Emend tablet on the morning of surgery? It is VERY expensive... READ MORE

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Dermaroller does work. I have been dermarolling at home for years and use a 1.5 mm roller I bought online every 4 weeks followed by vitamin C and retin A. Maybe the clinic you went to did not go deep enough. READ COMMENT

Can you post before and after photos please? READ COMMENT

The besxt solution is a facelift with a GOOD doctor who does the early maintenance FL. He can do fat transfers too. READ COMMENT

Was this a teaching hospital? $3216 seems very low for a facelift, necklift and bleph. READ COMMENT