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I just have a set of aligners for my top teeth and not my bottom, which confuses me, because it seems to me that my bottom teeth need to match my top teeth to have my bite stay aligned correctly. Does anyone else just have a top set,... READ COMMENT

I've also found that using one of those disposable "wisp" toothbrushes are a quick and easy way to do a fast brushing when it's impossible to get to a sink to clean your teeth. I pop into a stall and use one of those along with an... READ COMMENT

I had a terrible taste in my mouth after eight weeks of cleaning my trays with toothpaste and brush. I've switched to using liquid soap (foaming soup makes it easy!) and a toothbrush and not only is the bad taste gone, but the trays... READ COMMENT

I've been wearing my aligners for about eight weeks now and am now either developing a bad taste in my mouth or just noticing it, but either way, it's starting to drive me nuts. Is there anything I can do to alleviate this bad taste? READ COMMENT

You can get the outie thing, but I find that a crochet hook works just as well. I've been using a 2.5 mm. READ COMMENT