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Looking for Volume - Overland Park, KS

I was motivated to seek facial volume because of bad surgeries that had reduced volume. He added volume to cheeks, naso folds and under eyes. I had minimal bruising and swelling, and the nurse was available for questions. I have also had Botox injections at his office. He has been proficient with all procedures and questions asked. READ MORE

Welcome Addition of Volume - Kansas City, MO

I have a problem of loss of facial volume after 3 bad surgeries done by other surgeons. One surgeon (E. Bortnick) pulled my face down so hard to extremely tight jawline that it pulled the volume out of my face. The other surgeon (Gutek) anchored it down apparently as a result of one of his horrifically bad moods, which I saw many of. As a result of all this damage, I especially appreciate a... READ MORE

Two Terrible Facelifts - Overland Park, KS

In first facelift, the Dr. walked into the pre-surgery consultation and glared at me as if he hated me. Previous consultations had been normal and pleasant. He'd been recommended & I thought it was just a mood. In that surgery, he anchored my face downward, and I looked much worse than before. In 2nd facelift, 9 mos. later, he left right side looser, and still did not lift my mouth... READ MORE

Questions from Lilacs

Down-turned Mouth After Chin Implant and Liposuction

After a chin implant and liposuction, my mouth is pulled down and my smile has not fully returned (at Week 5). I can see how my smile may return, but I’m worried about my m... READ MORE

Face Pulled Down After Neck Lift

Five weeks ago, I had a neck lift with sutures around the ears that pulled so tight they pulled my face downward, giving me a gaunt, older look. What are the chances that... READ MORE

Facelift Revision for Asymmetry?

I had a facelift 5 mos. ago. Surgeon did extra tightening toward mid-ear on Right side, to "lift mouth" more, but mouth is more downward on Right side + Right side... READ MORE

To Do a Revision Facelift, Does a Dr. Need Complete Surgery Notes from Previous Dr.??

So that a Dr. may feel more comfortable considering a Revision Facelift, does the new Dr. need Complete Surgery Notes from previous surgery? The Dr. who did 2 facelifts (the... READ MORE

Lifting Mouth Area with a "Sling" Lift?

I had a necklift 3 years ago, in which the dr. pulled skin horizontally on jawline, making it so tight that my facial skin was pulled hard downward for weeks. After that my... READ MORE

Are Some Surgeons Able to Deal with a 3rd Facelift, and Others Not?

I have had 2 facelifts, both bad. My lower face is too low on my face and it has been tightened under my cheeks, making my face look narrow, hollow, and sad. I feel the sides... READ MORE

Can a Hairline Scar Incision Lift the Mouth Area?

Some doctors have told me that adding a hairline incision above the ear in a facelift can help give more vertical lift and help lift the mouth area that is too downward (even... READ MORE

How Much Can Fillers Lift a Mouth Area?

Can fillers, fat transfers, or a skin-only lift help lift a mouth area that is still low on on the face after 2 facelifts? READ MORE

How Much Can Fillers Lift a Mouth Area? (photo)

After 2 facelifts, my mouth area is too low on my face, the mouth is protruding and downward, and does not feel "supported," as it did before. The surgeon tightened... READ MORE

Revision Facelift to Lift Above Tragus? One Side Is Drooping Down 1 Year Post Op.

After a facelift 1 year ago, I feel that the right side needs more lifting to match the left. That side seems to be falling and not supporting my mouth as much, and as the FL... READ MORE

Can Fat Transfer Procedures Be Challenging or Possible Through Scar Tissue?

If a person has had 3 facial surgeries, with scar tissue left along the sides of the face and under the cheekbones, can it be challenging or possible to transfer fat to those... READ MORE

Is Juvederm Voluma an Alternative to Radiesse?

How does Juvederm Voluma stack up against Radiesse for larger-area volumizing, such as cheek hollows? Or is it so new that not many physicians have tried it yet? READ MORE

Revision Facelift -- Do I Need a Specialist?

I have found a surgeon in my region who has proposed a 3rd revision facelift of surgeries done by other surgeons. He is a very experienced, respected cosmetic surgeon and about... READ MORE

Why I Need a 3rd Revision? (photo)

Why do I want a 3rd revision? The 1st. surgeon proposed a “necklift,” which did zero but pull my face down to the jawline for 6 wks. and suck volume from my face. The 2nd sur... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to Jawline? (photo)

Fat grafting to jawline: In a so-called “necklift,” the surgeon lipoed my jawline, thus removing fat in an important area. Then another surgeon did 2 so-called “fa... READ MORE

Can a Macs Lift Be Done Without Involving Previous Incisions Around the Ears? (photo)

It’s been recommended to me that a Macs lift might help pull upwards somewhat without involving the same incisions around the ears from 3 previous “lifts.” (I've been told ... READ MORE

Can neck be stretched after a too-tight facelift? It is pulling my mouth downward.

I had a facelift from a Kansas City surgeon (Philip Gutek) 5 years ago, who left the sides of my face lower than before, so it was pulling downward hard. In a revision he did a... READ MORE

Too much neck SMAS / muscle was removed. Any suggestions?

I had a facelift from a Kansas City surgeon (Philip Gutek) 5 years ago, who removed too much neck SMAS or Muscle, and my lower face is still pulling DOWNWARD HARD. I have tried... READ MORE

Discussions started by Lilacs

Anyone know of revision facelift surgeons in the midwest?

Two surgeons in Kansas City ruined my face, and I'm having a hard time finding a 3rd revision.  Does anyone know of a good revision face surgeon in Missouri or Kansas, or... READ MORE

Recent comments from Lilacs

I recently received a letter from LaFerriere's office saying he would no longer be doing plastic surgery. I can't help but think it's because of what happened to you. Did you ever figure out who in that office actually did your... READ COMMENT

Last year I sent a detailed e-mail to Dr. Koch asking if he thought he could do a revision. He sent back a one-sentence reply: Sorry, I can't help you. I replied asking if he could just answer the few specific questions I had asked... READ COMMENT

So sorry to hear of your problems. I had a "necklift," from a hack, then a "facelift" from a psychopath, who then needed to do a "revision," which didn't fix much and made other things worse. There are many good PSs, but some... READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry things are appearing worse right now. Lipo was done on the wrong place on me, also. Bortnick lipoed my jawline (and above?), which in my case, was damaging because I didn't have enough fat there to lose! Now the area... READ COMMENT

Thank you SallieSu. I am always looking for exposure of and information about this. READ COMMENT