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Hmmm I choose not to spend any more money on crap and spend it on treatments that actually work. Everyone knows you can't actually shrink pore size. All Ematrix employees sound alike- they're a little too enthusiastic, (tone it down a... READ COMMENT

Just do a google search of local dr's who do the fat transfers. You may have to travel far because not many doctors do this procedure; most drs want to do the expensive lasers that don't work or the chemical peels that help improve... READ COMMENT

I'm sure you've explained to your friends and family that fillers are for more than just wrinkles. My scars and situation are the same as yours. I didn't have typical acne - only cysts and they would pop up randomly and last for... READ COMMENT

Actually here in the US we can do just fine with at home treatments. After doing research I see there are plenty of trusted companies selling dermarollers and the technique is simple; we don't need a professional to overcharge us for... READ COMMENT

I am new to this thread and as I was reading the comments I was thinking the same thing that other posters were saying about one particular poster although I had to use my context clues because apparently most of them were deleted. :)... READ COMMENT