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5'1, 116lbs ,2 kids, deflated 34a 350cc mod plus

Breast Augmentation

7 Dec 2016, Updated 2 months ago

Bra shopping READ MORE

Questions from Rosequill

Do you lose 25cc after the implants are under the chest muscle and settle into your body?

I'm having a hard time choosing which implant size would fit my body best (350 or 375 moderate plus). I've heard from different people that say you lose 25cc once they are put... READ MORE

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Yeah I was afraid of boob greed. My doc told me to go with the implant size that made me a little uncomfortable (which was 375) but instead I went with 350. In reality there's not much of a difference at all but to me I felt like there... READ COMMENT

Yeah! I have Mentor implants. I love my size!!! 350cc mod plus profile was perfect. I definitely could've gotten away with 375 maybe even 400 but over all I'm soooo happy with my results. In clothes they don't look big at all. They look... READ COMMENT

Yeah I'm sure it will! How are you healing? READ COMMENT

Also, forgot to mention how sensitive my nipples are! Sometimes even just letting the shower water hit them or I graze them with my arm is really uncomfortable. I'm ready for THAT to be done with that's for sure. READ COMMENT

Yeah everything is ok. On Wednesday I decided to get up and clean my house which, now looking back, wasn't the best idea. My left breast was hurting and started to swell a bit so I just stopped put on an ice pack and took a nap lol even... READ COMMENT