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Will Neck Lift Be Permanent?

Please tell. E if my neck lift and bleph will be permanent. Thank you. I am 63 years old. READ MORE

Can a Facial Vaculifter Help Tighten and Lift the Skin? It is a Cupping Device.

I don't want to harm my skin. Please advise. Thank you. Also what kind of pillow should I use after CO2 laser? June Shull READ MORE

SmartXide Laser. I have a 1/2" place that looks like collagen doesn't meet. What can I do?

It was done January 2014. I don't believe there's much improvement. I have a 1/2" place that looks like collagen doesn't meet. What can I do? Thanks so much for any advice. READ MORE

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That's for sure! I had 2nd degree burns and nothing but a scar to show for it. I'll never tell anyone to do this! READ COMMENT

I have been using Retin A for 5 months on my 67 year old skin. I am so upset because I can't see any difference. When will this stuff work? READ COMMENT

The only thing Xide laser did for me was give me 2nd degree burns. I had no results whatsoever. READ COMMENT

I came out with a new 1" Sara on my chin. I had redness a long time and I took at least 2 months before I wanted anyone to see me. Never do this. There are risks. READ COMMENT

I took fantastic care of my face and slept sitting up in a recliner. I didn't go out either and made sure I did everything right. I have no acne scars at all but now there is a scar by my mouth. Dr wanted to do IPL but I did not want... READ COMMENT