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Hey Nebraska girl! I am less than a month from my surgery! I ended up choosing Dr Johnson! How are you - is everything still smooth sailing? Do you feel like you are totally healed up? It would be great to hear a general update... READ COMMENT

That is so exciting!!! did the upturn you were wondering about correct itself ? I met Dr Johnson this week and I have a huge decision infront of me. I had not expected to like him as much as I liked Dr D but he and his staff are... READ COMMENT

Omg - that is hilarious - I would definately stop him too! A little ignorance is bliss! I cannot thank you enough for answering my questions - my consult is just a few days away with Dr J and you have given me such great advice and I... READ COMMENT

YEAY!! I am so excited for you, It is a relief to hear that even though there is swelling that you love the turnout bc (again) some of the other threads on here dont love theirs right away! I just have one more question, did your nose... READ COMMENT

Mine is booked for Early Jan and I understand the nerves! Maybe I could go to Vegas for the next few months and get my mind off it - LOVE that idea!~ ! My nose is a lot like yours, how did it go? How are you feeling? READ COMMENT