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Smart Lipo is Not Smart - Chattanooga, OK

My doc explained the smart lipo was a less invasive way to achieve the results I was looking for: flat smooth tummy with out the pooch of fat surround the belly button. I had asked for a TT, but being little, he was worried about the scar placement. So I did it. And it looked worse instead of better. So instead of paying for one anesthesia, and only one recovery time, I had to go under... READ MORE

Great Belly Button – Chattanooga, TN

I wanted a tummy tuck because I was tired of feeling deformed when I was otherwise pretty. It just didn't add up. After having two children and gaining excessive weight with both, I had virtually no belly button, and although my skin shrunk back well, it was still a bad texture. Last summer a doctor did smart lipo, and made it even worse. So it was time for the real deal. Tummy tuck... READ MORE

Questions from Ruebix

12 Days Post Op, Have Pleats on my Incision, Will They Need Revision? (photo)

I weigh 117, did not have a pouch/apron, so there wasn't much to work with. I believe its why I'm on day 12 and still walk hunched over. I wonder if I'm going to likely be... READ MORE

Do New Lymph Nodes Grow Back After They've Been Severed or Removed? (photo)

I take it that we swell after TT for a long time because the lymph nodes and system have been severed in that area. And I understand that a year or so down the road we will... READ MORE

Year Old Silicone Implants and Hot Tub Temperature Limit? (photo)

I am not worried about infection at this point. I wonder if the heat from a hot tub can 1) cause leaching (not leaking) of contents in implants, 2) will make implants less... READ MORE

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You look fantastic! Your scar is soooo low! READ COMMENT

The countdown is very exciting! Goodluck to you! READ COMMENT

I know- I had high expectations too! I didn't think they were "high", but considering... Heck, in a few years maybe I'll have networked myself into a friendship with a PS I can really trust and get some things straightened back out. READ COMMENT

Hi Newmeaug13- oh wow! When you posted on my profile, I had remembered that you had the breast augmentation, and didn't realize about the face lift until you mentioned it! First thing I did was jump over and look! You are just... READ COMMENT

Hi Newmeaug13, thanks for writing! Yeah, that swelling made me crazy- so glad about it being gone! You are looking great, too- yours was a really extensive surgery, and I remember being amazed at how beautifully you healed up afterward. READ COMMENT