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Expensive Facial - Done It 30 Times to Soften Fine Lines

I saw no real difference despite having this done at least 30 times (if not more). My skin did look brighter as it would with any facial but costs double the price.I hoped it would soften fine lines but this did not help at all, it did help some pigmentation that I had but as soon as I went in... READ MORE

Mosaic Fraxel Laser

The Mosaic Laser is a fairly new treatment out. I wanted it to get rid of any pigmentation, fine lines and general skin rejuvernation. A numbing cream is applied an hour before treatment,the laser itself feels warm and also have a fan on the face so it is not uncomfortable. My skin has felt... READ MORE

Lasik UK

This was the best money I have ever spent. I hated wearing glasses and they cost me a fortune. I was forever changing them and having optical lenses put into designer sunglasses. I liked contact lenses but they kept splitting and that cost me even more. I had this done around eight years ago and... READ MORE

Sculptra is Working Great for Sunken Cheeks After Weight Loss

I have had three sculptra treatments over the last couple of months and am due another next week. I am very happy so far with the results. My cheeks were sunken from weight loss and I was very unhappy. I now have a much fuller face and love it.I was told to massage once a day for five minutes... READ MORE

Permanent Makeup Lips

I had my lips outlined and then filled in with colour. I had this done six months ago because I wanted them to look fuller and more youthfull.The result is excellent and I am very happy with the treatment. I did a lot of research and realised that the result really depended on who you choose to... READ MORE

Botox is Great (Eyes, Forehead and Frown Between my Eyes)

I had Botox two months ago and had three areas done for that price. My eyes, forehead and frown between my eyes. I can now see why so many people love Botox and could seriously get addicted to it!.I had it done by a Doctor after he kindly told me that the eyes are the first thing people look at!... READ MORE

Zoom Really Worked for Me and No Pain!

I had my teeth zoomed on the 17th August in Mexico and am so glad I never read any reviews regarding Zoom because I would have been to scared to get it done! I was on holiday in Cancun Mexico,had been to wal-mart to get some ear drops for my son when I walked past a dentists and took a leaflet... READ MORE

Dental Implants - United Kingdom

I lost 3 back teeth both sides, I had caps but they wore out so I had the roots taken out of the right side at the beginning of this year and had two implants done. The teeth are now on and they are great. I have now had the left side roots out and my dentist has just done the two implants. I am... READ MORE


I chose to go to Poland EMS clinic booked direct. I had stomach and inner thighs and doctor W used vaser lipo where the fat is lasered then sucked out. I than returned 6 months later and had upper arms and outer thighs. The results were fantastic but I must stress that I wore a compression suit... READ MORE

juverderm. London, GB

I had 2ml of (Doctors description) Juverderm 2. Had in my lips. I have had lip fillers for many years but never this brand. Also first time at this clinic. Well I am so angry and upset the filler has evaporated within weeks I also got this Doctor Docrat to do my botox which only lasted 8 weeks.... READ MORE

Tear Trough/Under Eye Hollows Filled Using Restylane - London, GB

I felt the hollows under my eyes were ageing me and making me look tired. I had them filled in Harley Street around a year ago and was very disappointed with the results. Decided to give it another go with Dr Hanson after I was happy with nose to mouth lines and lips he filled for me. Dr Hanson... READ MORE

Retin a Nightly Use my Experience So Far

I have commented on other real self members reviews about retin a and decided to do my own. I have been using it regularly for over 1 year. One question I am seeing a lot is "what to buy" and "where to buy". So I started of buying mine from a seller online based in UK and I found the website on... READ MORE

Thread Lift Silhouette Soft London

I have been looking into this thread lift for awhile and was unsure due to the mixed reviews. Dr Hanson explained that he would never do anything that didn't make me look better so unhappy with my loss of volume I went for it! This thread has cones which are meant to stimulate your collagen so... READ MORE

Questions from lisa_uk

Am I suitable for a 2nd breast augmentation? I would like higher more rounded smaller breasts & make the scar look better(Photo)

I had a breast uplift with implants 325cc five years ago in UK. Straight after surgery my right breast was very swollen but it wasn't until a week later when they removed the... READ MORE

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Thanks for your review I am in UK and also considering this. I've had so much done in the past but for some reasons I'm scared to have this maybe because it's in my face. X READ COMMENT

Could it be a reaction to the peel you had? If not go direct to Sculptra! The Dr should have had insurance to sell & administer it X READ COMMENT

I have started using the 1% gel which I purchased from all day chemist. They definitely sell the genuine retin a READ COMMENT

Hi, thank you ! Your lip comment pleases me as they don't stay plump for long - over the years I just absorb it. They had just been done in that pic so quite swollen. Really want the perma lip implant so watch this space.... READ COMMENT

I had the silhouette thread lift which works over time. No thread lift can change skin texture surely! I have done a honest review on my lift with regular photos. Be great to see a recent picture of you READ COMMENT