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Removing Six Dog-ears and a Minor Abnormality in my Belly Button, 22 Months Post Mommy Makeover - Foster City, CA

Hi! I had a mommy makeover on 6 November 2012, and at that time, I was left with some very large puckering at each end of every incision. In addition, I spit a stitch in my belly button and it was right where the knot was, so I got a lump there. After nearly two years, these dog-ears are all _very_ minor, and all seven should take about an hour to fix total, outpatient. I've chosen to pay... READ MORE

Small-scale Liposuction to Revise Results of a Tummy Tuck - Foster City, CA

I had a tummy tuck just about 22 months ago, in November of 2012. When I maintain a very low weight, the results are fine. Unfortunately, as soon as I gain a little weight, a shelf of fat appears above my TT scar. I would expect this were I significantly overweight, but I am 5'8" and weigh under 132 pounds. At 127 pounds, the shelf is not there. So I have asked a local plastic surgeon to... READ MORE

Dental Crown - San Mateo, CA

I had a 30-year-old amalgam filling in my lower left pre-molar that finally started leaking. I have excellent oral hygiene, which may have contributed to the longevity of the filling. The tooth turned gray a couple of months ago, and when I went to the dentist for my cleaning a couple of weeks ago, she recommended I get a crown. This is my first crown, and I was nervous. I'd no idea that... READ MORE

Part 2: Ultimate Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck. 4 years post-op update with vid.

You can read Part 1 of my journey here. Updated on 2 Nov 2012: Yesterday, I was able to go straight from ultrasound to biopsy. To save time. Which is fantastic. However, biopsy results at Kaiser usually take 3-5 business days. Baaaaaaad! But first, for those of you who, like me before yesterday, have never had a biopsy, I thought I'd explain. Because I was TERRIFIED. It was... READ MORE

Satisfied now :) - San Mateo, CA

I had a moderate crossbite and some crookedness that was getting worse over the years. I'm 37 years old, but I never thought there wasanything worth fixing with my teeth until my late 20s. Slowly, one of my front upper incisors became crooked enough that it was affecting my smile from the side in pictures. My husband went through the ordeal of Damon braces (the best thing he's ever done for... READ MORE

Part 1: Mommy Makeover Preparations...

I am currently in the middle of consultations (or as I prefer to think of it, 'interviewing surgeons'). I've done three so far, but I'm scheduled for eight with one more to schedule. They run through October. I'm planning my surgery for January of 2013. About me: I am 37 years old, just under 5'8", about 127 pounds, and exercise 6 days/week. I've been training hard to try to get rid of... READ MORE

Questions from TwoPlusOne

Best Combo of Procedures (Mastopexy, Reduction, Augmentation) for Poor Skin Quality? (photo)

I wear a 32E bra, 27.5 inches round the ribcage. I would like a lift and reduction to no larger than a 32C, but have terrible skin quality and need major lifting. My nipple to... READ MORE

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Welcome to Cosmetic Dentistry: Finally, all the dental topics in one place!

Pretty sure you want to improve your smile, but not sure how to go about it? Below, we've gathered together all of the dental topics here on RealSelf, so you can look through... READ MORE

There is a case to be made for crooked teeth!

Are you really sure you want to fix your teeth?  Totally sure?  For those of us growing up in the US, it's pretty common to just assume that straight teeth are better... READ MORE

Welcome to our Smile Makeover Forum!

Welcome to RealSelf's Smile Makeover Forum!!Know you want to improve your smile but not sure what a doctor can do for you?  Why not take a look at this handy-dandy list over a... READ MORE

Are you using Acceledent or interested in trying it?

AcceleDent is a product intended to speed up orthodontic treatment.  The device is placed in the mouth twenty minutes per day, and the company states that the gentle... READ MORE

Anybody heard about the new Pearlescent White Aligners?

I just saw a patent application, submitted a few days ago, for a pearlescent white colored aligners.  This would be instead of a clear aligner, and the inventor says it'd... READ MORE

What questions should one ask in an Invisalign consultation?

For those of you who have done consultations already and know what questions you are glad you asked (or wished you had!), I'd love your help in creating a sticky resource for... READ MORE

Corsets as Post-Op Garments (and beyond)

There are a growing number of people who've had abdominal lipo using *corsets instead of the standard post-op garment.  Are you one of them?  Tell us what's working... READ MORE

Great Guides for Smart Lipo! A Roundup of RealSelf Resources….

RealSelf has lots of great guides for Liposuction that are also applicable to Smart Lipo!  In fact, pretty-much all of them are.  So here is a roundup of some of our... READ MORE

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You can't see my stance in the pic, but I'm actually canting on one leg with my hip a little thrust out. So I'm actually standing crooked. That said, one of my breasts is smaller than the other, which was the case before my lift as well... READ COMMENT

The positivity I've gotten on here has been a huge factor in my recovery. :) READ COMMENT

Please consider, when you post a comment like this, that there is a human being behind these anonymous photos and videos--a human being who hated themselves enough to get cut up and put back together by someone they didn't know whether... READ COMMENT

Absolutely! Good luck! After a few years in retainers now, I ten to take 2 or three nights off per week. The clenching has led to my TMJ disorder returning a little, but so far it's all bearable. :') READ COMMENT