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Girl your but is bigger than mines, did you find out how many cc's was put in? i think your butt is big lol READ COMMENT

But how long did it take for your weight to come back? I ahd my surgery March 6, 2014 and all my weight is basically all the way back already! i go see doctor tomorrow i hope she sy she can do a revision.. did she do your first surgery?... READ COMMENT

Thanks iam seeing her tomorrow so pray for me READ COMMENT

You look awesome i only got 350 ccs in each cheek smh i would have loved that my but is like no real difference!! im sad some ppl say they can see a lil difference but not much.. ireally want a bigger butt.. but soo happy for you READ COMMENT

Thank you tryna stay confident i mean i get more looks than ever b4 but im still not where i wanna be but definitely better than b4 im just said about this fast weight gain!!! READ COMMENT