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Tired of Looking Tired - Portland, OR

Years spent as a smoking sun goddess certainly made a mark on me and of course, the daily stressers of balancing work, family and just living added their marks too. Sometimes age does bring wisdom--2 years ago I quit smoking, stopped baking myself, started eating right and exercising, decided I can't control or cure everything so stop stressing over it and decided it was time to do something... READ MORE

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Hey Torontochick Your in-laws sound like pills--guess there are some benefits to being single! I am a firm believer in doing what you want to do (within legal limits) if it makes you feel better about yourself. I've raised kids,... READ COMMENT

Hey Torontochick, People did notice and for the most part in was very positive. It was really cute when one of the guys I work closely with came to me the other day and said that he had gone home to his wife and mentioned that he was... READ COMMENT

Hi Torontochick I'm a bit nervous, back to work tomorrow, first time since I had the procedure. I took a month off when I had the procedure so hopefully I'll just look really well rested to everyone! Smart move about getting in... READ COMMENT

Hey Torontochick, still have the numbness and sometime I wonder if I'm drooling when I drink or eat but friends told me I'm not, LOL! Went for my 3 week check up with my PS and he assured me that I'm healing normally. I am still... READ COMMENT

Hi Torontochick, sorry I didn't reply sooner but the holidays have had me pretty busy. Yes, today makes exactly 3 weeks for me and I am very pleased with the results. I only have faint bruising left under the eyes which is easily... READ COMMENT