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Scrubbing the Nose After Rhinoplasty Revision (Narrowing Bridge/pollybeak Removal)

Hi there. When the cast came off 8-days post op, I wet the brush with soap and gently scraped the residue off. I'm 10 days post-op now, and this morning I took a bathing brush,... READ MORE

Using Skin Moisturiser After Rhinoplasty (2 Weeks Post-op)?

Is there any kind of skin moisturiser I can use for the skin that is peeling on my nose? Is it safe to use E-45 or is there a brand with a particular formula I should use? READ MORE

Can Lying on Your Stomach Affect the Healing of or Displace Nasal Bones 4 Weeks Post-op?

I had an osteotomy performed to narrow my bridge 4 weeks ago. So far I've been sleeping inclined at 45 degrees until now, but today I became so involved in a video game I... READ MORE

What is the Best Way for Me to Deal with my Dark Circles at 24 Years Old?

I'm male, light/tan skin colour (not tanned however), 24 years old and have been suffering from dark circles since the age of 19. I've tried sleeping more, drinking plenty of... READ MORE

Dent Appeared Shortly After Steroid Injection. Will It Remain or Go with Time?

I had a revision rhinoplasty (2nd) in July last year and due to my thick skin which is prone to scar tissue, my surgeon injected a steroid solution at 3 months, then at 5... READ MORE

Swelling on Side of Nose Goes Down After Taping, but Reappears After a Day or Two?

9 months post-op with my first revision rhinoplasty, had 2 steroid injections to reduce swelling, but recently on the left side of the lower part of my bridge, swelling (a... READ MORE