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I Am Concerned About Extreme Heat After Closed Rhinoseptoplasty?

Hello, I had closed rhinoseptoplasty six weeks ago. I recently walked through a glass building which was extremely hot because of the 100 degree weather. I was only in the... READ MORE

Q-tip Cleaning After Open Rhinoseptoplasty?

I cleaned a dried booger out of my nose with a q-tip 10 weeks after surgery. Any chance I could of hurt the graft work? I did not think I was rough but I feel like the... READ MORE

I Can See my Septum on the Right Side of my Nostril After Open Rhinoseptoplasty. I Am Concerned?

Should I be seeing any of my septum after open rhinoseptoplasty? When I use a mirror I can see my septum on my right side. I cannot really see it on my left side. Does this... READ MORE

Why Does Bridge of my Nose Swell when Sun Hits It (10mo Post Op)?

The bridge of my nose is super sensitive to the sun(especially the sun through glass while in car). I am 10mos. post op. I had extensive graft work. The Dr. left splint on nose... READ MORE

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Did your doctor break your nose and reset it? I'll be going for revision soon. My nose looks similar to your old nose. My e.n.t left the crookeness in the nose and did graft work around the nose. Why? I do not know. I should of had a... READ COMMENT

Out of curiosity. READ COMMENT

You look Great! Thank God for such a thing as nose surgery and that through nose surgery we can improve our looks. Your nose will only continue to look better. Are you sleeping on a certain type of pillow? Just our of curiosity did... READ COMMENT

If you love it now, just wait when swelling goes down, you'll love it more. Your Dr. Did a fine job. Your nose looks great. READ COMMENT

Glad you got out for awhile. :) READ COMMENT