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Revision & Benelli Lift with Dr. Motykie - West Hollywood, CA

I had my second breasts revision and first benelli lift by Dr. Motykie on December 21st, and the results far exceeded my expectations! Thank you Dr. M, you've restored my confidence, and I'm forever grateful! My story: 2012 my 1st surgery with a Top Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Toronto, who comes off as soft spoken, kind and genuine (is anything but a good surgeon). I ended up with... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual

Today I went in for my first fraxel laser treatment at Bellair Laser in Toronto (Yorkville location) and I am very pleased with the results so far. By that I mean, the pain was much more tolerable than I had anticipated, and my skin feels very soft and smooth immediately after. I was really freaked out by some of the reviews, but all of my friends who have done it say nothing but great things... READ MORE

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Help! Need a second opinion on BA revision? (photo)

I have discussed my issues with my surgeon, and he has asked me to get a second opinion. The right side is drooping slightly (400cc), and the left sits higher (425) silicone... READ MORE

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HELP!! my surgeon gave me HP's without discussing it with me. I wanted MP's. Can he do this??

Please help! I'm 5 days post op and I can't stop crying.   I'm 30 years old, 5'8" and 132lbs.  I went to see my doctor for my first consultation is September 2010.... READ MORE

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Thanks Beth! If Dr. M did even half a good a job as he did, I'd still be happy. I feel great, and the girls look fantastic and hope other women will consider this surgeon for their revision. Thanks to real self, I was able to find... READ COMMENT

I'm having Thermage done again. It does not last long but the results are great for 1-1.5 years max READ COMMENT

My skin really broke out worse than ever before, however, I was somewhat expecting it given the information I read. I am a picker too, so I'm sure that I'll have even more scars to deal with, but I also anticipate that the next 3... READ COMMENT

I had no idea there were different fraxel lasers. It's confusing because I have heard conflicting reviews, based on but "fraxel", but I'm only finding out now that there are several types. READ COMMENT

I had mine done today as well, but I did not do the CO2 so I don't have bleeding and redness. Could you find out from your doctor the level he used and the type of fraxel laser specifically. I am curious to see if I should try that... READ COMMENT