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TT with Lipo & MR

Hi All! I'm a mom of 2, both being c-sections then I had a Hysterectomy that I was cut the same as the c-sections. I have ALWAYS been skinny and for a long time after I had my kids thought I wanted to be "skinny" again. I don't want the bones sticking out of my chest again and ppl snickering she is anorexic...anyways the thing I miss most is my tummy...I had a nice one. I know I will not... READ MORE

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Hey try getting some Colace (stool softener) eat Activia Yogurt!! (It helps trust me!) Bananas are great too...water of course, you will feel like a million bucks :))) Good Luck :D READ COMMENT

I did call the nurse and she said yellow is your "friend" :S. that being said I can't wait till Aug 1 :S. I have my cg off for the first time moving around (while it gets a much needed wash) and I feel like a noodle! READ COMMENT

Did your tummy feel hard after (I'm po 8 days)? I'm draining from a small part in my incision... READ COMMENT

Hey hpp! When you had your Hysterectomy & C-Sections what kind of pain killers did you have? I remember having Tylenol 3's...I was not expecting the prescription I got. I don't take meds on a regular basis either. I have been so... READ COMMENT

I didn't have a long wait in between my consult and date... Went really fast. I can't wait to see the "final" results! Just remember to breathe lots and deeply:). You will be fine! Can't wait to see pics! READ COMMENT