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I do really hate my normal bra because the wire is always digging in my skin. I lovvveee sports bra's. I think when I went bra shopping back in Decemeber, I went to the wrong store. I went to Lane Bryant. Thats the store I use to go o... READ COMMENT

Hey!!! How is it going???? are you doing ok? How do you feel?? I just went bra shopping yesterday. It was ok. It was a bit frustrating. I could not figure out if I wear a D or C and I got a C cup. It was disappointing, I guess because I... READ COMMENT

I know the medicine that you take would give you constipation. I didn't have constipation b/c they told me to take a stool softer and mirolax/dupulax 3days before the surgery. That way I would not have constipation. You have to drink A... READ COMMENT

It looks like you are going to heel fast!! When I was heeling for those two weeks post, I was packed up like a piece of meat lmao! and I had to have those drains. But yours look like its going to heel pretty fast. READ COMMENT

No, I didn't have a problem with swelling. I feel like my chest is still really tight. They look boxy at first then in 2weeks they will not look as boxy and will drop just a little. My left one is bigger than my right too. It wasn't... READ COMMENT