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Superb Result; No Bruising; No Lumps - Bala Cynwyd, PA

I suffered a great deal of volume loss after previous facial surgery, particularly in my lower face and temporal region (often called "temporal wasting"). I have used various types of filler for the lower face, including other Juvederm products, and this is my favorite thus far. It's very natural looking -- and there are no lumpy areas or injection-site bumps. I was concerned that filling the... READ MORE

Already See Improvement -NJ

I had my upper neck done 2 days ago. My skin feels and looks tighter already. But be cautioned: the procedure DOES NOT TICKLE. It is quite painful, even on a pre-procedure mega-dose of ibuprofen. (And I'm pretty tough!) I am still experiencing pain, but it's now more of a dull ache (which is bearable). I am petite and fair-skinned, and was cautioned that I may have bruising, but so far there... READ MORE

So Far, So Good - New Jersey, NJ

I underwent treatments to the nose for asymmetries, and to the lower cheeks for loss of volume after a midface lift. Have a couple small nodules at injection sites from a treatment last week, which I expect will resolve soon. I understand that complications can occur many months/years after treatment, but am keeping my fingers crossed! READ MORE

Certainly NOT Worth It at 4 Weeks Postop! (Endoscopic Cheek & Brow Lift) - Pennsylvania

I scream "bad plastic surgery" -- even though a well-respected, highly experienced surgeon performed my procedure. I look severe, contorted, and asymmetric everywhere. My mouth and nose are now crooked as well (even though I did not have a lower facelift). I've lost most of my vision in my left eye. My family says I look like a monster -- and I agree. I've cancelled out of all social... READ MORE

Questions from anniegirl222

Unable to See Clearly with Glasses or Contact Lenses 9 Days After Brow/cheek Lift?

It's been 9 days since my endoscopic brow & midface lift.Still in pain and quite swollen,particularly in the cheeks. However, my biggest concern is the change in my vision.... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Hollow Shadows Running Vertically Down my Cheeks ("pull" Lines) 15 Days After Endoscopic Midface Lift?

I noticed these depressions a few days after my surgery. (I did not have them previously.) And they have not subsided. I am a thin person. Now my cheeks are huge and wide... READ MORE

Will Facial Nerve & Muscle Return to Normal? (Surgery Was 7 Months Ago)

I had an endoscopic brow/midface lift 7 months ago. It appears that the buccal branch of my facial nerve (on the left side) has been severed or badly injured. My mouth and... READ MORE

Muscle Damage After Endoscopic Midface Lift -- Can I Do Anything (Such As Exercises) to Strengthen the Muscles?

An endoscopic brow/cheek lift 9 months ago resulted in nerve/muscle damage on the left side of my face (perhaps from intraoral incisions). My nose & mouth slant to the... READ MORE

Crooked Mouth and Numb Lip 13 Months After Facelift - Is Recovery Still Possible?

Thirteen months ago, I had a midface lift performed by a highly respected board-certified plastic surgeon. My upper lip is still swollen and numb (left side) and my mouth is... READ MORE

Need advice on how to request compensation from surgeon for long-term nerve & muscle damages? I wish to avoid litigation.

Facial plastic surgery performed 2 years ago, by a board-certified plastic surgeon, resulted in nerve & muscle damages. My surgeon & other respected surgeons agree that the... READ MORE

Any hope for my smile 2.5 years after endo brow/midface lift that caused muscle weakness to my lips/mouth? (Photo)

I sustained nerve/muscle damages after an endoscopic brow/midface lift in June 2012. (The surgery was performed by a dual board-certified plastic surgeon, who feels that the... READ MORE

Can asymmetric smile be fixed by lip lift or other technique? (photos)

3.5 years ago, I had a brow/cheek lift that resulted in nerve & muscle damage. Left side of upper lip is numb and appears to have muscle atrophy, causing it to appear longer... READ MORE

Recent comments from anniegirl222

Dear Suz -- I am thrilled for you! So glad that you're recovering well. And yes, you ARE looking good! :) I hope you continue to make a speedy recovery. Sending warm wishes your way! P.S. My vision was very poor for a couple... READ COMMENT

Dear NIVMED, Thanks for your very thoughtful -- and encouraging -- reply! Excellent perspectives! READ COMMENT

Hi Suz and NIV -- Thanks for your notes. I too healed quickly (couple weeks) from an upper bleph. But I am still struggling immensely with the endoscopic brow/cheek procedure, which supposedly is a "minimally invasive" type of lift.... READ COMMENT

Hi Clare -- Thanks for your comment. My surgeon has habitually dismissed my concerns, so I've had to enlist help from other experts. (However, he did acknowledge that the eyesight problem was unusual.) He said the result cannot be... READ COMMENT

As requested, here's a brief update: I wish the news were better! Unfortunately, I still regret having had this surgery. I am still very asymmetric, and have paid more money for filler since the surgery than I ever had beforehand. How... READ COMMENT