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Do you notice that none of this happens on the Breast Lift or Breast Implant Blogs. There's no fighting on the Tummy Tuck Blogs neither. The issues with women acting out on here is a small display of a bigger issue in America. Look at... READ COMMENT

This site has become disgusting. Not surprising, it's filled with a bunch of unhappy women who love to argue with other women about nonsense. Why are people always being attacked on here because of information that they share with the... READ COMMENT

Since when was it against this community's rules to add "your 2 cent"? There is a significant percentage of this website that is based on opinions. That's what women are doing on this site. They express their opinions. And an opinion is... READ COMMENT

Im scheduled with dr j. but no dr is worth that much for lipo. i wouldnt go to salama or jimerson for lipo. there are FAR better docs for lipo. Way more lipo docs than booty docs. you dont even have to leave your hometown for lipo. too... READ COMMENT