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Is There a Way to Get Rid of Beauty Marks?

I don't mean moles or sun spots- Beauty marks. They are dark like moles, but flat on the same level as the rest of the skin. I have several on my face that I've always wanted... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Fix a Crooked Nose Twice?

My nose slanted to one side due to a deviated septum, and I got it fixed nice and the nose was straightend back to center. Now a few years later it's slanted back again. Is it... READ MORE

What's the Best Type of Scan to Get for Clearly Seeing Facial Bone Structure?

Doctors cant seem to agree what part of my facial bone structure is causing my facial asymmetry. One says my left deficient cheekbone is causing the soft tissue on the left... READ MORE

SARPE for my Buccal Corridors? (photo)

I do not have a medical need for SARPE but a PS told me that I should look into it to get rid of my buccal corridors and get a wider smile. But one side of my smile has a... READ MORE

Is There Anything That Can Be Done About Darkening of the Skin Caused by Radiation Therapy?

The lower part of my leg was treated for cancer with surgery as well as beam radiation. After treatment I was left with a permanent tan in that area of the leg that hasn't... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Smart Liposuction and Micro Liposuction?

Is there any difference between the two? Over the last few months I've lost a good deal of weight and I'm happy with the results overall. However even though I've shrunk all... READ MORE

If I Get Lipo Can I Ask the Doctor to Specifically Remove ONE Pound of Fat?

Is this too small? I'm already slim except for my large thighs. The reason I don't want to remove too much is because I'm afraid the fat will return somewhere else later on. I... READ MORE

How Safe is Sclerotherapy on the Chest?

I've had laser treat some spider veins on my legs and was happy with the results. It got me thinking that I should go ahead and get rid of the green veins I have running across... READ MORE

Do Bone-Borne Palate Expanders Prevent Tooth Tipping in Adults Seeking Palate Expansion?

I know doctors say that at my age (32) only tipping is achieved, but I'm assuming they mean this with the more often used tooth-born expanders that push against the teeth. I've... READ MORE

What is the best method for removing sun spots from my cheeks and nose?

In my mid 30's now and I have many sun spots on my cheeks and nose. What type of laser, peel or other method is best to get rid of these for good and get an even skin tone? READ MORE

How can a person straighten their teeth after dental implants?

My second to last molar on the right is an implant. My teeth are crowded and I've read that if you have implants you can't get braces. Is there a way I can uncrowd and... READ MORE

How do you straighten crowded teeth after an implant?

My second to last molar (lower jaw) is an implant and I would really like to get my teeth straightened. They are crowded. What are my options? One of my friends said I could... READ MORE

My face is asymmetrical and the problem seems to be my jaws. What kind of jaw surgery would fix this?

My right side- shows a lot of top gum when I smile; has a larger buccal corridor; The cheek has a flatter appearance. My left side is much more attractive- has No gummy smile;... READ MORE

I need to have a back molar extracted due to cavity. Can I replace it with my wisdom tooth instead of an implant?

I'm 30 yrs old and My second to last molar must be extracted. I also have a wisdom tooth on that side that has not emerged because there is no room for it. But once the tooth... READ MORE

How stable is a #19 molar tooth implant?

Molar #19 must be extracted. If I get a tooth implant, will I be able to put as much force on it as a real tooth? I was told implants have different life expectancy depending... READ MORE

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Has anyone had fat transfer to the breasts 2 years ago or more?

How are your results now 2 years later?  When I was in Europe I had Macrolane injections to the breasts and a few months later it was ALL gone.  Did it again a year... READ MORE

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The skin looks much darker in the after picture than in the before... either due to lighting or tanning... Either way darker skin automatically improves the appearance of cellulite without actually doing anything about the cellulite. ... READ COMMENT

Honestly- I'm not sure I see a difference in your Before and after's other than the lighting in the photos which make your skin look darker in the afters. Darker skin- whether done by tanning, fake tan, or lighting will always make... READ COMMENT