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I'm 22 and Was Wondering Whether Jaw Fillers Such As Juvederm Voluma Would Be Good? Alot of Practices in Uk Do Not Do It?

So basically one side of my mandable jaw beneath the ear (the corner of jaw) is much more defined so when viewing from the front it is abit square and is wide, protudes out... READ MORE

Are Fillers Safe for a 23 Year Old?

My left cheek does not protrude as much i was wondering if i could inject some radiesse in the weak cheek to make it stick out as left side is this dangerous? because i do not... READ MORE

Qustions About Doctors Using Fillers and a Question Regarding Cheek Fillers?

Where im from not a lot of doctors are qualified like having that MD qualification they are aesthetic practitioners or qualified nurses but the work is usually good is it worth... READ MORE

Are Non Surgical Nose Job Safe? How Much is Usually Required?

Searching online seen quite bad things that its dangerous to me i cannot understand how can it not be safe? and how much is usually required? READ MORE

Can Fillers Achieve the High Cheekbone Look? Like Model Cheekbones or Will Implant Be Better?

I already have decent highish cheekbones i was wondering if i did not want a cheek implant, could fillers achieve a high cheekbone look? Also lets say one side of my cheek is... READ MORE

Juvederm Voluma in the Jaw Mandable? How Effective Does It Look After Its Done?

I had my cheeks done with voluma and my cheeks look good, stick out alot (they were pretty decent anyway) but now im wondering....if i put a 1 ml voluma (as you know its a... READ MORE

Jaw Implant on One Side? Can This Be Done?

My left jaw is good sticks out more, right does not and it does not extend all the way under my ear lobe as does my left, i would like one generic implant on the weak side for... READ MORE

Why Do Alot of People Say Dermal Fillers Are Dangerous?

Like obviously i have heard they are safe but researching online etc and talking to people alot of people say they are dangerous and really are a gimmick they do not really... READ MORE

Jaw Angle Implant and Bone Erosion?

What is the worst could happen with jaw angle implants? infection to jaw bone making it erode etc usually if it is done could it damage nerves over a long term and cause facial... READ MORE

Need Help What Can I Do About my Right Hollow? (photo)

So my left hollow is not too bad i can live with it...but right hollow is more sunken and makes my face look weak what is my option for the weaker right hollow? if it helps my... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Custom Jaw Implants and off the Shelf?

Can off the shelf do the same job as custom ones? and lets say if you did have custom ones how much expensive would it be? READ MORE

Can You Get Implants over Zygomatic Arch Aswell As The Actual Cheekbones?

Iv heard malar cheek implants go over the actual cheekbones but are there such cheek implants that highlight the zygomatic arch aswell as the actual cheekbones? READ MORE

What is More Likely to Get Infected Medpor or Silicone?

What has a high infection rate? is silicone more safe in terms of cheek and jaw implants? READ MORE

How Much Lift Can a Filler Like Radiesse or Voluma Really Give?

Lets say if you use one syringe of voluma or radiesse to just highlight your malar area right over your cheekbone ( not apple cheeks) how much lift would you get could it he... READ MORE

Are silicone Jaw angle implants less likely to infect and look better? (photo)

1. Can you get a little bit of a drop down from a silicone jaw implant even though you are putting the implants for a more lateral look from the front? 2. With a silicone Jaw... READ MORE

What type of jaw angle implants are available off shelf?

Bascially can you get silicone jaw implants which drop down and add abit of width? Lets say one gets silicone posterior jaw angle implants will he automatically get some width?... READ MORE

Will a posterior jaw angle implant create a wider & more defined jaw?

1. if i do decide to get a vertical drop down jaw angle implant will i get atleast maybe 2 mm width from the front view? 2 if one gets a width lateral jaw angle implant can he... READ MORE

Are orbital implants safe? What can one expect?

If someone has bad eye circles hollows and flat cheekbones can an orbital rim make it better? As cheek implants itself might make eyes more hollow? Can they raise lower eyelid... READ MORE

How likely is lower eyelid retraction after cheek implants/orbital implants are done through lower eyelid?

Basically i am thinking or getting orbital rim implants for my hollow eyes that extend to my cheekbones... im hoping this will raise my lower eyelids too.. however after... READ MORE

Who would be more competent in doing jaw angle implants and orbital rim implants? Maxo vs plastic?

Now where i live no occuplaatic surgeon does orbital rim or jaw angle implants I was wondering would a maxofacial in general know better in regarda to performing a jaw angle... READ MORE

If one has lower eyelid retraction could orbital rim implants actually raise the lower lids to show less scheral show?

I personally think orbital rim implants can do this. i know for eyelid retraction you can do a canthpexy etc if one has orbital rim implants and there a chance... READ MORE

Will orbital rim implants help with round eyes that have scleral show?

Im 25, had no surgery now im getting orbital implants mainly for eye hollow bone structure and scheral show from a maxo facial who does orbital rim implants but has done a few... READ MORE

Is canthal suspension the same as lateral canthopexy?

If not is it safer and does it still do an adequate job of reducing scheral show what is the difference and will it be permanent? READ MORE

Do we really have to replace the 2nd molar behind the canine teeth?

So you kno wthe teeth behind the canine teeth in the lower not the back back molar but the 2nd to back molar? i am 25 had it extracted 2 years ago....there has been... READ MORE

Orbital rim implants? are they quite effective?

Now i know alot of people will mention fillers...i would rather get something permanent. Question is are they still quite effective? and in general will orbital implants cassue... READ MORE

Had Juvederm, Voluma and ears feel like I'm on a plane feel blocky. Any suggestions?

Had voluma 1 ml on malar and over zygoma Its been few hours my ears are crackly and feel.blocked Now theae happened the minute i git fillers before that it was fine Will this... READ MORE

BLocked head, right eye where more filler there are auras and more floaters/fuzzy lines. juvederm voluma, shall i take it out?

The doctor said to me that .05 filler in upper cheek will not affect eyes in anyway and there are no nerves connecting it...but since i have had this i have had fuzzy lines in... READ MORE

If a filler was injected in the upper cheek area and hit a blood vessel which connects to the eye, is the visual loss gradual?

Is the visual loss gradual? or does it go quite imminently? how long is it when the individual has visual loss? READ MORE

Exactly how much jaw bone loss will there be from one missing tooth? Is it worth getting one implant?

Hello, on my right side, on the bottm right hand corner i have the back took intact but the one after has been extracted, so it goes like this....back tooth yes....after no....... READ MORE