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Dr Pozner, do you believe the breast implants appearing before 1961 is ture? see: http://www.jprasurg.com/article/S1748-6815(09)00575-0/fulltext READ COMMENT

I agree, US is not the center of the world, but unfortunately, the first silicone breast implants were developed by American. Could you pls provide any references proving there were any silicone breast implants exist before 1961? Here... READ COMMENT

Wikipedia: In 1961, the American plastic surgeons Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow, and the Dow Corning Corporation, developed the first silicone breast prosthesis, filled with silicone gel; in due course, the first augmentation... READ COMMENT

I have a question. According to literatures, the first breast implants were invented in 1961 and the first breast augmentation surgery was performed in 1962. How could this lady accept breast augmentation with "silicone gel implants" in... READ COMMENT