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Can a Facial Muscle, Left Risorius and Left Zygomaticus Major, Post Accident and Surgery Be Reattached? (photo)

I cannot lift the left side of my mouth. I had a severe accident in which plates were used to repair facial fractures. I can only smile on the right side of my mouth. Can the... READ MORE

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Please post some before pix! READ COMMENT

I went to Schendel many years ago after a ski accident left me with severe damage to my jaw, teeth and face and with chronic pain. He was a jerk! What a waste of time and money. I'm surprised he's still working. He looked and acted like... READ COMMENT

Thanks, it has been a long process. My teeth died slowly over time. I can't imagine having all of your teeth pulled at once. You have been through lot! Having the anesthesia wear off too early was what put you in shock. I experienced... READ COMMENT

There is a woman on youtube who has talked about her experiences , first with dentures and then with implants. You might watch her videos and then send her a message through her website or youtube channel which is called 'kalinjax' Her... READ COMMENT

I had many teeth removed over time.It is not easy Your experience is not unusual. I had two molars removed 3 months ago and walked out in shock. The anesthesia kept wearing off and I felt everything. My dentist did not handle it well.... READ COMMENT