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Your last pictures look more natural almost like your pre op pics hopefully your nose keeps getting better and better! I too just had surgery im 10 days op the day of my cast removal I had a nervous break down my nose looks so fake and... READ COMMENT

I had a bulbous tip before with too much projection and a droopy tip and now I have a nose with a ball looking tip very unnatural result im praying with time the ball will go down but its so hard to look aty nose without the tape. I... READ COMMENT

Yea I can breathe a lot better now still not the same tho so thats an improvement. As far a the look I feel like I cant smile the same its a horrible feeling my bf is so supportive he says it looks good but I believe hes just doing that... READ COMMENT

Thank you soooo much! Im feeling a lil better today my cast came off yesterday I had a nervous break down my nose look sooo different I was regretting the whole surgery I was so used to seeing my big bulbous nose that I look so... READ COMMENT

It was not bad so as you can imagine im not used to breathing with my mouth all the time makes me feel very anxious I have been doing nasal rinses daily sinse day 3 lets me breath for a few minutes so thats relieving . Also I been ... READ COMMENT