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Lumpy, Uneven Tummy with Puffiness and Tenderness in Pubic Area - Ireland, IE

Im 5'2 and petite,56 yrs old but fairly fit, over the last 6/7 yrs i developed a pad of fat around my abdomen,the professor told me it was 'diet resistant fat' and that liposuction would remove it.Directly after my surgery i went into shock,one of the incisions was leaking a lot of blood/fluid... READ MORE

Going to prague for a tummy tuck after disappointing lipo results in ireland - Prague, Czech Republic

After having liposuction of my abdomen and hips in june 2012, i feel that the end result isnt exactly what i had expected. My abdomen area is a bit lumpy and the skin is slightly loose. The doctor told me that i wouldnt have loose skin after the prcedure and at every post op check he is telling... READ MORE

Questions from babyraf

Why Are my Legs Bruised and Numb After Abdomen Liposuction?

I had liposuction on my abdomen and waist 2wks ago,apprx 7lbs of fat was removed. i have bruised down my body as far as the back of my knees. The back of my legs, down to my... READ MORE

Went into Shock After Lipo Will It Happen Again After a TT?

I went into shock after lipo 7 months ago, one of the sites was seeping a lot of blood and liquid and the i.v wasnt working, so im told by the clinic. my blood went down to 36... READ MORE

Healing Well After TT Can I Go on a Relaxing Cruise 7 Weeks Later? (photo)

Had a TT 3 wks ago and I have a cruise booked for 4 wks time, I'm healing really well and getting about fine, to be honest the op was more about removing scar tissue /lumpiness... READ MORE

If I Cover my Four Wk TT Scar Can I Use a Sunbed?

I'm going on a cruise 7wks after a TT I'm healing really well,can I cover my tummy area an use a sunbed before I go. I don't plan to spend any length of time in the sun but I... READ MORE

Can You Tell Me if This is a Seroma, my Ps Not Commiting to What It is? (photo)

This hole appeared one week after surgery, I sent a photo to my ps and explained that it had oozed a lot of bloody fluid,the oozing has slowed Down now but I still have to keep... READ MORE

Swelling Five Months After TT? (photo)

After a bad lipo result on my abdomen, I had corrective surgery plus TT five months ago. I'm left with a strange shape swelling above the Pubic area, the area is firm to touch,... READ MORE

Tca Peel 3 Days Ago Today I Am Swollen with Crusting and Weeping? (photo)

This large sore has developed today 3days after a tca peel, the peel was done in a reputable salon. It is crusting and weeping and quite swollen, why has this happened and what... READ MORE

Discussions started by babyraf

Has anyone gone into shock after liposuction??

I had lipo 7 months ago, I went into shock after it, the clinic were a little vague with me about it. When I saw the doctor who performed the procedure the next morning he said... READ MORE

does anyone have a scar/dimple where belly button was previously,after tt?

Im left with a noticable scar with indentation after my tt, does anyone know how to correct this. READ MORE

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Your pics look good, try not to get depressed and look forward to the coming months when your body has settled back to normality. I had liposuction a couple of years ago, I had it done in Dublin (I live in Ireland too) and it was a... READ COMMENT

Hi your pics look good,are u pleased with your results? I live in Ireland too and had liposuction here. Are you finding that you have gained weight in any other areas? I have and I'm wondering if everyone does? READ COMMENT

Your treatment looks really good, how long are you expecting the effects to last? also did u try other fillers previously. Im thinking of having dermal fillers in my cheeks soon and not sure which one to go for so id appreciate your... READ COMMENT

Hi Great to hear ur progressing without any hitches! I too am progressing and I too put on 7lbs since my surgery which I'm finding impossible to lose! U wonder what that's all about, I also still have numbness all the way down to my... READ COMMENT