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Real pics comin soon! I'm in♥ wit my booty! - Miami Beach, FL

Hello ladies! I've decided to go with Dr. Salama! Go Meeee! Go Meeee! Ok if yall see more than I of these from me its because I'm texting you guys via phone! I've been reading posts since I joined earlier this month! I'm so glad that I waited cause about 2 years ago a doc in bmore was charging $16,000.00! Sheeesh! And guess what!? I was gonna hustle or up too! Something told me to look up some... READ MORE

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Should I Be Nervous?

I want to get the Bbl done by a certain doctor I'm still doing my homework on! Should I be concerned being as though I'm all of 37 this year in September. Am I being a little... READ MORE

Wil My Previous Years of Smoking Get in the Way of My BBL?

I am very interested in getting the procedure done but I'm very concerned about my smoking habit! I have been smoking since I was 22 and I am now 36 turning 37 this year! I am... READ MORE

Questions to Ask My BBL Doctor?

I am clueless of what questions to ask my bbl Doctor! I dont wanna sound to parnoid or like have doubts about his work! Any suggestions? READ MORE

I Just Read That Bbl Would Not Be Too Sucessful if You Have Stretch Marks?

Is this true? Because I have them on my stomach. When pull skin back they're less visible! I need to know before I invest my money! READ MORE

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Would Love Feedback!

I been wanting to have this done for like EVER! I'M a mother of an 18 year old who has all my body parts! Lol...I'm dying to get this procedure done and information you vote... READ MORE

Hopefully March 9th....*crosses fingas!

I'm so nervous and excited at the same damn time! Lol...This is just what I need! I soon as I secure the date I can start sharing my journey! READ MORE

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Drains not a problem. Those massages is VERY important! READ COMMENT

Good luck sweetie! He's good! I'm about to schedule a TT also. I've gotten a BBL done by him....amazing! But how did you get that price? READ COMMENT

Hi sweetie! Its been a long time! Happy healing❤ I'm gonna ask a stupid question because I didn't read everything.... Did you get a TT done? READ COMMENT

Blessed70 80% of recovery is mental. Just make sure comfort is top priority because you're about to do something drastic to ya body! Im not gonna're gonna be in pain love! But its gonna be s♡♡♡♡ worth it! Good luck and kee... READ COMMENT

No...I haven't even start the process yet. But I recieved my quote and scripts to get the process goin. Im confident in my doctor which makes it easier! Thanks for noticing my pics! I'll keep you posted! READ COMMENT