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By the time I was 16 I was a DD. I remember massaging my breasts at night because I'd read about tribeswomen in a National Geographic magazine who did so to make their breasts long and tubular. I thought that if mine were saggy at least I could disguise them better. Now I'm a 32E and, at 5'9" and 135lbs, losing weight doesn't improve the boob situation. People tell me I don't "seem like a... READ MORE

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Where Are Breast Reduction Surgeries Usually Performed?

I have been told that my breast reduction surgery will be performed in an ASC, however, I will also have an overnight stay. In my experience, ASCs are NOT for overnight stays-... READ MORE

What Does Pre-op Testing Look For? Is It Common for Docs to NOT Order Tests?

I am scheduled for a breast reduction later this month. I am 30 years old, relatively healthy- history of DVT, but heart tests in the past 2 years came up good. My PS has not... READ MORE

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How's your post-op?

Hey ladies- I'm almost two days post-op... still feel weak like a little baby most of the time, taking the pain meds as scheduled and sleeping a lot. I'm finding myself having... READ MORE

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Why on earth would he try to talk you out of it?! You have a TINY frame and ENORMOUS boobs. You're one of the most ideal candidates I've seen on this forum! Good for you for being assertive. I hope you get your date soon. READ COMMENT

Wow! I think you look great! I completely understand, though- I was sort of shocked in the couple days after my surgery. They looked SO small to me. It's funny, though, how quickly your body image can adjust. I'm less than two months... READ COMMENT

You are such a sweetheart.. thanks so much for thinking of me :) Yes, things are closing up, just soooo slowly. But the rest of the scars look great, so I can't complain. Wow- less than two month for you now- it's going to fly by! READ COMMENT

Jeesh- You poor thing. Yes, I wish doctors were better about communicating what is and isn't normal after surgery because, you're right- there's a lot to freak out about! I had a DVT a couple years ago, so that was top-of-mind for me,... READ COMMENT

Hey rh- it's too early to tell yet about swelling around my cycle- I'm only three weeks in (and, lucky me, I had my period DURING the surgery. Ugh). But I have been told that if you have issues with swelling prior to surgery, the... READ COMMENT