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Don't be scared and don't doubt yoursleft. YOU'VE wanted this for so long, as long as it makes YOU happy then that's all that matters. Try not to be nervous about the surgery because you'll be asleep like nothing happened. When you wake... READ COMMENT

Hi I'm so glad you're exited, you should be!! It's okay to be a little nervous going in but they give you like a pill that makes you kinda drousy/sleepy. When I was being wheeled into the op room, 2 minutes later and I think I was out.... READ COMMENT

When I saw your before pics I was like wow she's hot lol But after the surgery, it really brought your features out. You have really pretty features and your nose looks amazing!!! I'm so happy for you!! If you don't mind can you please... READ COMMENT

But I guess you already had a small nose so it was easy. Just wanted to say you have like the dream nose that looks soooooooooooooooooooooo natural. This is THE first time I see someone with such mindblowing results. I get my cast off... READ COMMENT

Omg!! your nose is pure perfection!! This is my dream nose!! small bridge, cute small non pinchy tip and small nostrils. I thought it was impossible to achieve these results. You're soooooooooooooo luckyyyyyyyyy!!!! But READ COMMENT