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13 day post-op..... 2 week visit today...

I am 25 a mother/stepmom of four. I weight 137 and I am 5"1. I carry all my weight on my tummy and I wish i could wear a teo piece bathing suit and Tight dresses but i feel self concious..... And I think the tummy tuck will help me a ton will my self esteem. I've had 2 c-sections and my surgery is July 20 only about 3 wks from now. I am not nervous for the surgery itself but I'm nervous... READ MORE

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Hi calgarymomma sorry for taking so long to reply it's been crazy gettin my 4 million kids ready for school.... And I'm not even done ... My 2 year old starts daycare school on Tuesday....anyway about the ear plug I Think it did help... READ COMMENT

Well I bought the palmers vitamin e oil ... But also my ps sells some treatment so I'm gonna look at reviews and see if I'll buy that.... And I'm sure your healing well... When I had the scabs still I thought it was gonna look thicker.... READ COMMENT

Oh well we just have to be patient... All though I must admit I've been doing horrible with eating healthy food ....:-(...anyway the scar is super smooth and thin I thought it was gonna be like thicker and bulky but I was wrong....which... READ COMMENT

So today I feel super huge ... But I look in the mirror and look the same...:-/ READ COMMENT

That's true we all worried about everything else but that!! Lol... Who knew?! Well I hope you have a Better day at wk tomorrow ... Fortunately I don't work... But I do have four kids and shopping for back to school has me all swelled up... READ COMMENT