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Any Information on Poly L Lactic Acid?

Any additional information on the degradation of poly l lactic acid? I have over 20 or 30 nodules ad well as granulomas. Any help, legally, or medically is appreciated. Also... READ MORE

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Google FDA Maude Database - upyou can search Sculptra. Medical Device. I would be curious how many peop,e realize it is a class III medical device that carries the highest unknown risks. Did your doctor share that information? READ COMMENT

There are warnings. Doctor are aware of the warnings, they do not share with you. I have a friend who has a doctor as a very good friend and he searched information on Sculptra. All the doctors can access the database. It has right... READ COMMENT

Hindsight is 20/20. You requested me to send you pictures of the sculptra migrating. i did and did not hear back from you. How telling the pictures were - not only the deformity, but yes it migrated throughout my body. I believe i... READ COMMENT

How much was injected? Do you know? READ COMMENT

Below directly from the FDA panel minutes an excerpt. Also, i spoke to a panel member and she confirmed the product is very inducive for microorganisms. OPEN PUBLIC HEARING Dr. Choti read FDA’s statement on transparency of the d... READ COMMENT