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What can be done to fix my huge nose? (photos)

I hate my whole nose. It is overall way too big for my face and people pick on me a lot about it. What's wrong with it just from looking at the pics? How big of changes could... READ MORE

What would be better for me: chin implant or jaw surgery? (photos)

I am a chronic mouth breather which I think has caused parts of my face to develop poorly. I also use to have really crooked poor teeth which braces fixed. I know I need a... READ MORE

Straight or curved nose? (photos)

I need a nose job and chin implant. For the nose job I'm wondering if you think my nose should be straight or scooped (curved)? I posted some pics where I put a piece of tape... READ MORE

Do I need an alarplasty? (Photo)

I need a nose job. Now as part of that nose job I am wondering if I need an alarplasty where an incision is made outside the nose around the alar and part of it is removed to... READ MORE

Brow lift and ridge reduction? (Photo)

I am in need of a nose job and chin implant. As you can see in the photos I also have a prominent brow ridge and have very low sagging eyebrows and frown lines. I know getting... READ MORE

Chin implant or sliding genioplasty? (Photo)

On top of a rhinoplasty, I need to fix my receding chin. I'm not sure whether I need a chin implant or a sliding genioplasty. Does my chin just need projection or both... READ MORE

Chin implant & nose job done separately in what order? (Photo)

I am in need of a chin implant and nose job since I have a receding chin and an over projected nose. I won't be able to have these procedures done at the same time by the same... READ MORE

Chin Implant - does this digital image look good? (photos)

I'm thinking of getting a chin implant because my chin is a bit weak. Below I have a profile photo showing my current chin and then the other photo a surgeon I saw digitally... READ MORE

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I have a question for you. I recently went to a consult with Dr. Golden. How long did your consult last? Mine was only 15-20 minutes. I think Dr. Golden is very skilled but I think he could have been more thorough in explaining what... READ COMMENT

How do you know a lot of his patients need revisions? I think Dr. Golden's noses look excellent. Some of the best I have seen and he seems to give the most consistent results too. READ COMMENT

Wow, the profile of your nose is a much bigger improvement. It looks amazing. I'm in the process of saving up to get a nose job from Dr. Golden. I'm a guy and I really hate the profile view of my nose it is similar to yours in your... READ COMMENT

I'm thinking of having my nose done with Golden in a year or two. My nose it a little more advanced so I only trust my nose in the hands of Golden. Your nose looks great! So you went to Dr. Gregory Roche for your first rhino and he... READ COMMENT