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Better and Worse Than I Expected - Edina, MN

I received Cool Sculpting on my abdomen, arms, as well as inner and outer thighs. The process was not particularly terrible, other than the massage after the treatment which was painful. I had numbness and pain for a few weeks. I did notice a decrease in the size of the fat deposits in every... READ MORE

Verju Laser to Reduce Appearance of Cellulite - Saint Paul, MN

I have had two of six treatments of the Verju laser so far. This process is painless (actually quite relaxing!) and simple. I had great success with the Zerona laser in the past so I jumped at the opportunity to try a new, more effective version! After my treatments the areas are massaged to... READ MORE

Perfect Teeth! Woodbury, MN

I had braces when I was younger but after many years my teeth moved and did not look as straight. As well, I grind my teeth which had made them look worn and I never really loved the shape of them. I received veneers on the top for 10 you can see and the 4 on the bottom in the center. It has... READ MORE

MiraDry Help! - Edina, MN

I was ecstatic when I learned I had a more permanent choice than doing botox every few months for my excessive sweating. The process is definitely not pain-free, but it is definitely worth it! I had some swelling the first day, the second day was significantly better and I had no pain or... READ MORE

Botox for Excessive Sweating - Edina, MN

I have used botox for about a year now to deal with excessive sweating in my underarms. It has been a life changer! I am able to wear fabrics I could never wear and I have a new level of comfort in my own skin that I cannot even explain. I have to say, it can be somewhat uncomfortable, but it is... READ MORE

Fabulous Experience! Pros Outweigh Cons - Edina, MN

If you are thinking about having a procedure done, definitely do not be afraid to go ahead with it. The pros completely outweigh the cons! Pain was minimal and goes away, then you are left with a better body! I told myself it wasn't worth living another day in a body I hated. Now I get to spend... READ MORE

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It ends up being about 1,000 a tooth for the whole process. That includes multiple visits, temporary teeth while the veneers are being made, numbing for each procedure, etc. Its important to pay the money for good, natural looking work.... READ COMMENT

14 teeth and whitening before READ COMMENT

Thanks! It took just over 3 months to complete my whole smile. Sounds like a long time but it went by pretty fast. READ COMMENT