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Is It Possible to Use Septal Cartilage for the Nose Bridge/dorsal Augmentation?

I don't want to use foreign material like silicon or gortex, but rib graft rhinoplasty is so much more expensive. I'm Asian, so I don't think a really tall nose would look... READ MORE

Concerned With My Alars and Bulbous Tip? (photo)

I don't want any implants (silicone/gortex) and analogous tissue implants seem to be way out of my budget... I'm fine with my relatively low bridge. My primary concerns are my... READ MORE

Nose Too Short and Upturned After Tip Plasty? (photo)

I only had work done on my tip because it was so bulbous... I also asked for my nose to be lengthened because I believed it was too short... Now I am afraid that my nose is... READ MORE

Can I Pick my Nose After Rhinoplasty?

There is a lot of dried mucus in my nasal cavity that makes it difficult to breathe and is actually quite itchy. It's 14 days post op... Can I pick my nose now? READ MORE

Is Tip Plasty Revision, damaging to the columella?

Hi, I received just tiplasty back in September of 2012. The surgeon cut open my columella to define the tissue at the tip of my nose. However, I'm not satisfied with the... READ MORE

Zenatane (accutane) and hives?

I've been on Zenatane for two months now, and all of a sudden I've been getting hives. My dermatologist says that it's probably unrelated, but I can't think of anything that... READ MORE

I did accutane two years ago for cystic acne. Skin was perfectly clear for about three months. Is 2nd round of accutane worth it

Then I gradually started to break out more and more until today--where i very obviously have an acne problem. Not as bad as I used to, but I have pretty bad breakouts before my... READ MORE

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Hi, I just had double eyelid surgery done too. It looks like you needed ptosis correction for the 'sleepy' eyes. If your eyelids are not too thick it's possible to get nonincisional double eyelid and ptosis correction (this is what I... READ COMMENT

Hi Kevin, I'm considering rhinoplasty in Korea as well. Do you mind sharing who your doctor was? Thanks! READ COMMENT

Hey, I'm in SD as well! Do you mind sharing your Doctor's name? And please keep us updated with your recovery process. Good luck! READ COMMENT