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I Finally Did It - California, CA

People describe me as slim but I have a hidden pooch of a stomach that has been bothering me for years. No matter how much I lost, it is always there. I saw a sign for CS at my dermatologist office and got a quote. They wanted me to do 4 procedures for a cost of I believe $2700. I got a second opinion from a different location who said I needed 4 procedures (or whatever they're called) and... READ MORE

Painful Procedure Even With High Pain Threshold - San Jose, CA

The cons are the cost and pain. However, I got a Groupon coupon so my procedure was a lot less expensive than usual. I have a high threshold for pain. I couldn't take prescription meds because I drove myself, so I took 800 mg. of Ibuprofin and 1000 mg of Tylenol. I don't know if that helped at all cuz it still hurt like h*ll - some shots more than others. Before the procedure began the... READ MORE

Not Much Difference, Results Are Short-lived - Hayward, CA

I wanted to try it for the experience but I only did it once. The idea of shooting poison into my body just didn't feel right. It did remove the wrinkles and there was no negative, but the results are short-lived. I prefer something more permanent. I only did the forehead area so I had no problems with losing expression in my face. I would do it again for a special occassion. I have decided... READ MORE

Over Ten Years Ago

It was so long ago I don't even remember when I did it. One of my eyes sees well far and the other near and he left them that way. Only recently have I felt the need to wear reading glasses - but so does everyone else my age. I have had no problems with night vision or anything else. I hated wearing glasses so it was well worth it for me. I don't remember how much it cost so I just put in a... READ MORE

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Sorry for the delay. I have been out of town for the past month and a half. I see no results at all. It was a total waste of my money. READ COMMENT

It's been a week and a day now. I'm still a bit numb. How strange to pay money and go through this and have to wait so long to see any results! At least there was no pain as I read some people have had. READ COMMENT

Hi. I just realized i put my response to you at the bottom instead of here. Read below! READ COMMENT

Yes, I just did the front part - the two small suction cups. He first tried to do it with one bit one and said that way would cover more than two small ones but he couldn't get it to stick - he said I was too small for it. A mammogram... READ COMMENT

I love Groupons and would use them for anything - after doing my own research of course. READ COMMENT