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Do I Need to Be Under General Anesthetic for My Endoscopic Brow Lift and Rhinoplasty?

I am planning to have a endoscopic brow lift to correct a tired, sad looking eyes and eyebrows, rhinoplasty to correct a counter roated tip which makes my nose look piggy,i may... READ MORE

Please Give me Advice: Blepharoplasty (photo)

I am planning to have blep on my upper eyelids but want to know the risks beforehand... A surgeon told me there is no risk of going blind because of the anatomy of the eye this... READ MORE

Aftercare For Upper Bleph?

I had upper blep yesterday, please advise me how to take care of my eyes they are sore and swollen and my vision is burry but I think from the ointment... Thanks READ MORE

Please Give Me Advice Rhinoplasty? Not Perfectly Straight/Symmetrical? (photo)

I am overall happy with my appearance but I would like some feedback on my nose. It's small and a nice shape but its not perfectly straight and symmetrical. While I appreciate... READ MORE

Tippoplasty- Am I a Good Candidate? (photo)

I have been considering tipoplasty for a while, I like my nose overall but it's not perfectly straight and on one side there is a dent in the cartilage. Also the tip is... READ MORE

Lip Lift Scarring? (photo)

I am considering a lip lift, please advise me how visible the scar will be and I have an event 16 days later, will it be obvious I have had a surgery... READ MORE

Would I Benefit from a Lip Lift? (photo)

I have been considering having a lip augmentation for some time, on the upper lip... How visible will the scar be after 3 weeks and will the be any change in the appearance of... READ MORE

Please Read Lip Lift Ruined my Nose? (photo)

I went for a lip lift 7 days ago and have had my sutures out and I am not prepared how it made me nose look different. Either he removed too much skin or something but my... READ MORE

How Long Till the Scar Disappears Lip Lift? (photo)

I had a lip lift a 1 week ago and I was left with an unsightly purple mark under my nose, I have had fraxl but still I cannot go out without makeup... READ MORE

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Twisted nose

I have always been distressed and hated my nose since I can remember. Funnily enough people always compliment me on it but the thing I don't like is that it's not perfectly... READ MORE

Will Blepharoplasty Help My Eyes?

I have small uneven eyes, I have been for consultations and the doctors have recommended that I have a endoscopic brow lift and a blep to make my eyes more feminine and so I... READ MORE

Will a lip lift make me more attractive

I dislike the length between my nose and lip, also I would like some more of the pink part showing on my lip and some tooth exposure. I went to a surgeon who told me it would... READ MORE

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Do you think they can chisel it to make it less upturned? Thanks READ COMMENT