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Breast Reduction - Lewisburg, PA

She performed a beautiful breast reduction surgery on me back in 89' when i was in my early 20's. She does excellent work and my results have been praised by many other doctors who have seen me over the years. I cant remember the price; some of it was covered by insurance. Her manner was fine as I remember. I was never not at ease with her. READ MORE

Sciton Microlaser Peel & Sciton BBL Photofacial Treatment 35 Microns Deep Approximately - Mechanicsburg, PA

HAd these 2 treatments in 1 visit i month ago. Am 47 w/lt hyperpigmentation on left cheek (I had Aura lasers to remove mod hyperpigment all over 8 yrs ago;which worked v well)l also lt-mod (?) acne scarring, beginning crepey areas on cheeks,sl nasolabial fold, fine wrinkles around eyes,sl frown lines,etc. I wanted some gen freshening up! I used the topical anesthetic cream 2x before appt as... READ MORE

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You look absolutely wonderful! Ive enjoyed reading your posts, all full of valuable info. Thank you so much for all the help, you are a gem! I know youre enjoying the new you! Wishing you all the best! Im making an appt to see Dr... READ COMMENT

Thank you for taking the time to keep us up to date. Im sorry to hear of the disappointing results 2, as I had thought to try this. I cant believe they can do this and collect $ on something that is so not worthwhile. Sad..... READ COMMENT

God bless and I wish you the best! I look forward to seeing your results! I have a large facial scar on my cheek from a dog bite when I was a child; Im always curious how these facial scars are treated nowadays. Thank you for sharing .... READ COMMENT

Definite difference!! Make me hopeful that this does work. Ive been umhappy with my chubby arms most of my life. You look great! Thank you for sharing your experience READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing. You look lovely and i feel your excitement! Good luck in everything! Oh, btw, your PS does nice work; your scars are invisible. Im impressed READ COMMENT