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.5 reduction is not much. I tried it as well. nothing. It's an MLM that has promises but does not deliver. READ COMMENT

Doing lips is a stacking process. One starts with a warm color then follows up weeks later with color of choice. Lips generally take 2 to 3 sessions...with smokers 4 sessions in some cases. READ COMMENT

Excuse me but the iron oxide in pigments DOES NOT conflict with MRIs. That is an OLD remark. Do you know how many people have tattoos with iron oxide and the number of MRIs performed. I have had my lips, brows, liner done and had 3... READ COMMENT

Just make sure you stay out of the sun and cover yourself when out in the sun because the pigment will eventually change color as the skin tans and you will be left with orange spots or something similar. The skin is living tissue and... READ COMMENT

Sure would like to know where you got this done so I can avoid it at all costs. READ COMMENT