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Hi I’m glad everything went well with your procedure hope you don’t mind if I ask a few questions, well first let me tell you that I’m thinking about doing the BLL, I had one consultation with Dr. Cortes and the total for my proce... READ COMMENT

So in your opinion do you think I made the right decision choosing Dr. Cortes ? I mean he should be a honest, responsible, trustworthy doctor right since he is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, or would you recommend... READ COMMENT

I was reading the 10 things I wish I have known article and you comment about checking for credentials. I found a Dr. Called Wilberto Cortes in Houston, TX . When I meet him he gave me a sense of peace and a feeling that he knows what... READ COMMENT

Well I’m thinking of choosing Dr. Wilberto Cortes but my concern is what made you choose Dr. Norris? Did you see something you didn’t like about Dr. Cortes or what happened, I’m dying about doing this procedure, but I have so many quest... READ COMMENT

I Michelle I’m so happy I have found I have been looking for people that know Dr. Cortes and you are the first one I have found in real self, I have some many questions about the surgery, recovery, results and most important about the D... READ COMMENT