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Did you get massages in Mexico? I got like 3 or 4 an had to be manually drained by the masseuse because my drain was clogged READ COMMENT

I went to Pantoja and looked lumpy right after surgery as well. I was scared as hell LOL. But now I'm almost 8 weeks out and it's all smooth except for two areas at the bottom. I haven't had a massage since I left MX and I can tell that... READ COMMENT

I stayed at club med for 7 days including surgery and honestly that was enough time. Almost a day to long if you ask me. They are awesome there and I would def call them up again if I was having more work done. READ COMMENT

I went to Pantoja. I want to say it's $3000 or $3500. No I haven't lost any sensitivity at all. READ COMMENT

I'm staying at club med. I'm getting breast lift/implant and butt. I may not get the breast though because I want more kids down the road and don't want them to sag again READ COMMENT