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Can I Have Hyaluronidase to Dissolve Juvederm in Cheeks? Is This Safe?

Hi, I had juvederm voluma in cheeks nearly a year ago and then another small top up 6 months ago, I feel that as the juvederm from before was still in my cheeks now adding more... READ MORE

Juvederm Not Filled Properly in Lip?

I've had juvederm put in my lips in July 2011 it lasted over a year had to have it dissolved as it started to look really bumpy and uneven most of it dissolved but the inner... READ MORE

Why Is Dissolving Juverderm in Lip Not Working Well?

Hi, I've been trying to get rid of superficially filled juverderm in my bottom lip. been nearly 10times to 3 different practitioners and still have parts left some little blebs... READ MORE

Swollen Cheek Months After Juvederm?

I have been having juverderm voluma in cheeks and restylane/perlane in the tear trough for few yrs now. Last treatment in cheek bone area was in feb. last night my left cheek... READ MORE

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Hi No0108 My nose was done almost 6 years ago now. I just really hate how the tip has dropped from one side so quickly as 2 yrs after surgery and it's pretty obvious always hard and sometimes really hurts too. But Id be to scared to... READ COMMENT

I have had ulthera done on my face and neck area in April at a London clinic cost me £2700 and after 3 months I still have had no change the skin only felt right for a few weeks after treatment then that's it your back to urself again.... READ COMMENT

Go see another doctor as that price even in dollas is way too much for just the one side nasialabial fold. Should be around 300. READ COMMENT

I had a closed rhinoplasty with him 5 years ago after a within the year I could feel and see a bump on one side which I told him about at the time of my one year review to which he said "oh it's nothing major I wouldn't mess with that I... READ COMMENT