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Long Oblong Face Be Made Shorter by Lowering the Hairline and Altering the Jaw? (photo)

I'm very ugly, (long oblong face) and was wondering if having my hairline lowerd and jaw altered, would create a prettier? more shorter, feminine proportional face (I use my... READ MORE

Shortening of the Nose?

I've heard that the nose sometimes can be shortened, depending on the amount of skin? 1 15/16inches (length, measuring from the front top to septum) and my septum is 0 7/8... READ MORE

Face Changed, Shortened, Feminized? (photo)

Please help I'm a 21 year old female, I absolutely hate my face I won't go outside because of how ugly & (deformed) I look, I have had therapy & it does not help as my... READ MORE

Face Shorter and Nose Shorter? (photo)

Can I have (craniofacial) surgery to significantly shorten the mid third of my face and surgery to shorten my nose and make it slimmer?,my face is too Long and I hate it, I... READ MORE

Hairline lowering, significantly? (photo)

Suffered with bdd for 6 years, I don't have enough hair to hide my forehead, and it really depresses me to the point I'll only go out with a hat on. could this be done hairline... READ MORE