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Guys and Girls, i would like to redo my comments, i talked this morning with Slazhauer and he will do a revision and will not charge the revision, he just showed me a differente person, I jugded him wrongly. READ COMMENT

Yes he is told me that the second surgery has nthing to do with the first one. Dont get me wrong, he is a good surgeon as we can see on his web site, but not finding he as a honest person to deal whem he makes mistakes. Some of his... READ COMMENT

Nena my results are 7 from 1 to 10, but also i am very upset becouse at the first consultation he told me that he would do a lipo on the flanks and arround the abs area and he did not, and in my post op he told me that on the table I... READ COMMENT

I have had a surgery with Dr. Salzhauer, and i felt the same way, after you pay, Arianny became a very rude person, also the doctor does not spend and explain things, also promissed to do one thing and did not, i do not recomend this... READ COMMENT

Hello i am 27 yo, i did a Tummy tuck 3 month ago, it is really easy the post, just rest and relax, God will be with you.... READ COMMENT