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Excited and nervous but ready for change

I have had large breast for most of my life. I have never had the fortune of wearing a training bra. I went straight into a B cup in 4th grade. Oh the horror. Being a little girl with women breast and feet. It was awful. I remember a little boy teased me about my breast (said something... READ MORE

37 Yr Old, Mom of 3, Needing Muscle Repair, 5'5" 154lbs - Marietta, GA

I had consultations with 8 different drs in my area (Charlotte, NC) and I never got a true confident feeling about any of them until I got to the last dr. His quote was a little over 16k, 6k-8k more than all the other drs. My husband was willing to pay it because the dr provided me with the... READ MORE

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I know I'm brown but should my breast be black? (photo)

I had a reduction performed 7/2/13. One doctor to each breast. So needless to say I have a different result to each breast. About a week ago I start to have pain and an intense... READ MORE

I need a TT for muscle repair, I want it for flattening appearance of course. Can I request to stay overnight for pain control?

I suffer w/ Fibromyalgia and Lupus (SLE) and have been wanting to get a TT for 5 years now. I suffer with daily pain. I had a breast reduction 7/2013 that has caused some PTSD.... READ MORE

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I'm POD 60, and I still have pain. Taking ibuprofen 800mg twice daily. I still can't do crap. Drives me crazy. I did laundry Friday and I have been in the bed ever. My husband won't let me up. READ COMMENT

I definitely saw the benefit. I felt better after each massage. My swelling started to go down. I stopped 2 1/2 weeks ago. I am now looking for somewhere locally because I am seeing the difference of not getting them. massagemag... READ COMMENT

I started lymphatic massage at week one. I am 8 weeks out. I had my last one at 6 weeks PO. I can see the difference. I need to find somewhere locally to continue. massagemag... READ COMMENT

The massages are what my PS recommends. Helps with swelling. It did help and made the pain feel better. I'll post a pic. My pain never went away but it has gotten worse, more like beginning of healing process. I am still stuck... READ COMMENT

A lymphatic massage at my PS office. My package included 5 of them. My last one was at my 6 week appt. I know the feeling. I have now started to swell bad again and my stomach is really bothering me to the point I have started... READ COMMENT