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Please tell your doctor he can most certainly speak with me, probably with any of us, to verify that your symptoms came on after Botox. Actually I have my doctor the link to this site. He was stunned. READ COMMENT

Sparkly, I treated myself to Botox as a retirement gift to myself. I loved the way I looked. However, it gave me my first migraine which came in me as I was driving. That was the day after I got it. I then suffered debilitating anxiety... READ COMMENT

Weird eyes, It will get better. I promise. I was terrified to sleep as I really thought I was dying. Here's what helped: 1. Cut out all medication that you are taking hoping it will help the feelings. 2. Cleanse your system. Eat only... READ COMMENT

I am old LoL and wish I could use it but I will never feel like that again if I can help it. I truly thought I was going to die. It gets better. Slowly. I'm kept a journal. It is the Botox. It will get better. Cleanse your body. Take... READ COMMENT

My primary care doctor believed me. He told me I had all the symptoms of botulism. READ COMMENT