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Lower Lid Retraction Immediately After Eye Surgery, is This Normal? (photo)

It has only been 6 days since my lower eyelid surgery to remove excess skin under my eyes, but I noticed right after surgery (like 2 minutes) my left eye was already pulled... READ MORE

It's Now 10 Days Post-op Lower Eyelid Surgery, Will Taping or Massage Even Matter? (photo)

I also posted a question on day 6 about my eyes. It is now day 10. Just wondering if it looks better to the trained eyes out there and will taping or massage even help. I also... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post-op Bleph, Am Having Some Serious Concerns? (photo)

Well my eyes are still ugly with scelara. Although one is way worse than the other(ectropion.)I know doctors don't like criticizing their colleagues skills, but I need honest... READ MORE

What Are These Bumps After Canthopexy? (photo)

Forgot to show pics, My dr. did perform a canthopexy on my eyes, But he took the stitches out, so why do I have these unsightly bumps. He couldn't even explain them. READ MORE

Dr. Wants to Do a Canthopexy to Fix my Lower Eyelid After He Took Too Much Skin? (photo)

It has been 5 weeks since my lower eyelid surgery to remove loose skin and wrinkles, and my left eye (reversed in picture) still has an ectropion. The dr. (plastic surgeon) who... READ MORE

I Had my Lower Eyelids Done Without Any Anesthesia(just Numbing Shots) and They Let Me Drive Myself Home?

Although they didn't give me a sedative, they had me take a pill before the surgery to either lower my blood pressure or my heart rate or both ( I don't have high blood... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Surgery One Year Ago and I Have These Suture Marks (train Tracks) Scars Under my Eye? (photo)

Is there any procedure or cream I can use to get rid of these. I was thinking a chemical peel, but was told that is only very superficial, I was also told laser, but I'm afraid... READ MORE

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Scarring Still Visible ONE YEAR Post-Op After Lower Lid Surgery

I have what is known as "train track" scars under my eye that are from the sutures. I've been told by many doctors that they may fade with time, but there is not much I can do... READ MORE