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Will I Achieve Permanent Results (Boxcars, Rolling and Pit Acne Scars) from Ematrix or Any Other Laser?

Hello Docs, I was wondering if the results I've obtained from doing Ematrix, would it be permanent? I do know scars can never be removed completely; what about attaining... READ MORE

Improved Scars Permanent or Not?

Does Improved scars from ematrix or any other lasers, stays permanent (will not go back to the original form such as shape and depth?). Some says yes and some says no. If scars... READ MORE

Ematrix for Severe Acne Scars. However Caused my Left Facial Side to Be Tighter and Fuller Than my Right?

Hello doctors, I have had 5 Ematrix sessions spaced monthly apart. The first 2 times were on setting B whereas the last three were on setting C. Since after the third... READ MORE

What's Left?

Hello Docs, are there any procedure that could help minimize scars(combination of Ice-Pick, Boxcar scars and Rolling scars? I have tried CO2 Fractional lasers (5 times),... READ MORE

Do Punch Techniques Still Work on Scars That Have Been Treated with Laser Multiple Times.I Do Not Wish to Have Any Fillers Done.

Greetings Docs, I have underwent 5 CO2 Fractional laser & 5 Ematrix sessions (both at highest setting) and a couple of subcisions for my pit,boxcar & rolling scars.Most... READ MORE

Acne Scar Revision; Will It Reopen Even when Double Stitch Has Been Performed? (photo)

Hello Docs, I was wondering would a revised small boxcar scar leaves an open wound after taking off the external stitch after 7 days? Bearing in mind that double stitch has... READ MORE

Last option or options for deep divot acne scars (mainly boxcar scars) after many surgical attempts?

Greetings doctors, I have had almost 5 fractional Co2 laser & 10 E-matrix, both at highest settings & twice excision for all my deep boxcar scars over the past 3 years. Indeed,... READ MORE

Subcision- How to tell if it's "working"?

Greetings doctor, how can you tell if subcision is working on the scars? I've read that when the needle breaks the fibrous strands it would make "bubble popping" sounds.... READ MORE

Is Bellafill the last hope for severe acne scars o n temples and cheeks, which looks worse during the night? (Photo)

Would bellafill be helpful to improve acne scars? I have had tons (more than 20 times) of combined aggressive fractional CO2 ablative lasers, aggressive E-matrix, infini,... READ MORE