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Long Vertical Thigh Lift - San Antonio, TX

Finally after so many years of wanting this and thinking I was going to be having it done, I finally am! Many things have happened since I first began planning this procedure. I have wanted it since I first began my post weight loss skin removal surgeries. I had full leg liposuction in Dec. to help prepare for this surgery and now my legs are very wrinkly and ready to have the leftover skin... READ MORE

Dec. 29, 2015 Lipedema, Liposculpture of the whole leg - San Antonio, TX

Have not had this done yet, I am preparing for surgery. I flew to Houston to meet with Dr. Fisher and I am very excited to be having this finally done. Dr. Fisher feels I am a good candidate to have this type of procedure done and that I should have a great outcome. It has been a long road to get here. Here is a little background on me. Two years ago I went to Mexico and had several... READ MORE

Medial Thigh LIft - Tijuana, MX

This procedure is going to be done along with my Lower Body Lift that I am having done next week! I don't have much to say about it at this point other than it is greatly needed. Not looking forward to a long scar on the inner thighs, but my arms have healed so nicely they are not really noticeable so I am hoping the thighs will be the same. I have never been able to show my legs in public... READ MORE

Finally Getting These Veins Fixed... - Scottsdale, AZ

Before having my lower body lift my Plastic Surgeon wanted me to have my veins taken care of so this next week I am going to a clinic to have them checked and to have vein ablation done. These are secondary veins that have exploded due to the main veins being stripped some 20 years earlier. Turns out when you have that done most likely the secondary veins end up bulging. So I am excited,... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift...

Never thought any of this was possible, I figured I was just too old and I have lived with a troubled bottom half my whole life, so just thought that was the way things had to be. Never in my adult life have I even worn shorts or a skirt above the knee. I have always had fat knees and fat legs and a flat saggy butt. It wasn't until I had my breast lift and my arm lift that my Plastic... READ MORE

My Mexican Facelift at Cosmed Clinic - Mexico, MX

I say Mexican Facelift, but it's only a few miles south of the boarder and they even have a Medical Lane at the boarder for fast crossings should you need to get back to the states in a hurry...but not to worry there is no need to rush back as this Facility is state of the Art, cleaner and newer than most Hospitals I've seen. Dr. Quiroz an his staff are just wonderful and all speak English... READ MORE

No More Batwings...

After losing 100 lbs I found that not only were my arms sagging but they were wrinkled so bad I looked 100 years old. One week after my surgery I was home watching a morning news show when they announced athat the newest craze in plastic surgery was having a arm lift and that the procedure was up 800% in the last few years...I thought to my self that is nuts, as I was in so much pain as the... READ MORE

Breast Lift After Weight Loss.. - Tijuana, Mexico

Wasn't sure what to expect since I never had great looking breasts even when I was young, but after 3 kids and losing a great deal of weight, there just wasn't much left except for that which resembled a couple empty socks....After the lift and saline implant the excess skin is completely gown and now they are perky. I would say they look like they did when I was 16, but then they never... READ MORE

Questions from AZDee

What to Do with "Bunching" of the Skin After Arm Surgery? (photo)

It looks like a pulled thread. and is slightly raised...During my 6 week follow up my PS said it would go away, but it doesn't appear that's going to happen. Looks like a trip... READ MORE

What is the recommended procedure for dealing with excess fatty tissue due to lipedema? (Photo)

Such as WAL Liposuction, and or skin removal?....affected areas extend from the thighs inner and outer all the way down to the calves. READ MORE

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So you are a local Scottsdale person? I too am a Phoenix area person...Hope this finishes everything for you...I could stand some tweaks but so tired of it all... READ COMMENT

Your review just appeared on my feed so I read it and I am so sorry to learn of your loss...So unexpected, I don't know how you were able to stay so strong, you are an amazing woman, and as dark as it may seem at times, you have a... READ COMMENT

If you wear your garments as directed the swelling will be much better and should be gone much faster than a year... READ COMMENT

I had lipedema liposuction with Dr Fisher 1 1/2 years ago and then last year, with him, I had a long thigh lift to get rid of the excess skin. Very pleased with my results. And since these are not surgeries that are covered by... READ COMMENT

Great Results! So happy for you!!! READ COMMENT